Learn How Performative Personalization Can Drive More Revenue

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Personalization is everywhere today. It makes sense; it’s what consumers want. 

But for marketers, personalization can do more for your brand and customers. So rather than sprinkling personalized elements through an email and hoping for the best, lean into performative personalization. 

Use personalization to help you improve performance — more opens, clicks, and conversions, rather than simply because ‘everyone else is doing it.’

Here’s how to take a deeper look at what personalization can really do for you.

What is performative personalization?

We know the data on email personalization. Consumers want personalized content. 

  • They are far more likely to buy from brands that tailor their messaging and will go somewhere else if they don’t get it. 
  • Personalized emails are opened and clicked on more often. 
  • Customers spend more as a direct result of receiving emails personalized to them. 

So, at this stage, the need for personalization is obvious

But, it also has to go beyond the generic. “Because the customer wants it,” while always a solid approach in marketing, isn’t always enough to really get to the why of a strategy or approach. 

Performative personalization helps you do it. The goal of performative personalization is to prioritize the personalization that directly drives conversion and revenue. Put simply, it’s personalization as a tool for performance improvement versus using personalization for its own sake or to keep up with other brands. 

Use personalization to drive ROI

The goal of every marketing strategy is to get a return on investment. And that’s getting increasingly more difficult with higher competition and new tools that make personalizing easier. 

By thinking more about performative personalization, marketers can make sure you’re making moves within your existing programs to strengthen them. It’s about working smarter, not harder, to get results. And, in our experience, those results end up driving revenue.

We’ve worked with customers, such as Thrive Causemetics, that have seen a 10% to 17% lift in revenue from the emails sent with Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™. Those are significant boosts, showing you the power of crafting email design and messaging around personalization to drive clicks and conversions.

Combine personalization elements to drive action

One place to start is learning how to leverage your existing data to get better results. Odds are you have a ton of customer data right at your fingertips but are you using it effectively? 

Platform Scenario

Here’s where Zembula stands out. With the Zembula platform, connecting your data directly to your email templates is easy. Hook up various data sources like your CRM, eCommerce and loyalty tools, and drop a snippet of code into your email template. From there, you can drag and drop Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ into your designs to ensure your emails are always personalized 1:1 to your readers.

A personalized Smart Banner™ is a perfect example of driving ROI with performative personalization.

This Smart Banner™ has multiple data elements:

  • Customer name
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Animation
  • Offer 
  • Product image

Each of these, on its own, drive clicks and conversions. For example, we know including a name increases performance by 15%, and star reviews drive 12%. But where they work in harmony is together. Having a name, and a star review, and a product image (along with a CTA) is what really stands out.

So you can see how every element provides a lift. But now, by combining all of these into one Smart Banner™, you’re delivering a powerful message to your customers that drives engagement. 

zembula revenue personalization

Now, where Smart Banners™ really stand out and make a difference for our customers is in their journey and triggered emails. While these emails are a much smaller fraction of the total emails sent for most brands, there’s untapped revenue potential in these — all thanks to more personalization. 

Want to learn more?

Are you starting to imagine the potential of performative personalization for your brand? We’d love to give you more insights into how it works. 

Sign up for a demo, and our email experts will learn more about your company and show you how the Zembula platform can help you do more with your emails. 

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