Lean on These 6 SMS Campaigns to Reach More Customers

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SMS marketing is back on the scene. It’s another channel marketers can add to the mix that connects with consumers directly. Email marketing is still the king of the hill. But using it in conjunction with SMS presents new opportunities to reach more customers and drive conversions. 

Data shows that SMS is gaining in popularity with consumers. Text campaigns grew over 110% from 2019, and 2021 saw another 75% increase year-over-year. Your customers are opening, reading, and taking action based on text messages from brands.

That means you want to take advantage of it, especially as competition heats up and it gets harder to grab consumer attention. So here are some SMS campaigns to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Personalize your SMS messages

You know you can send personalized animated emails to your readers. It’s a great way to catch their attention, make them feel as if you are speaking directly to them on a 1:1 level, and drive action. So why not do the same with your text messages?

SMS mock up

With Zembula, it’s easy to pull in customer data, allowing you to personalize text messages at scale. And take it beyond individualized messages, and add personalized animation and links. 

What’s cool about this is you’re taking personalization above and beyond. When consumers increasingly care about getting personalized messages from brands, it’s a great way to stand out. 

SMS campaign examples

When you focus on personalizing your text messages, you can do more. Here are some examples of SMS campaigns you can begin to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy.

A great place to start using SMS campaigns is with abandoned cart messages. We know these are effective in email (especially with Smart Banners™) in capturing conversions, so use the same approach with your text messages.

product tour page sms example

Use customer location data to send them personalized messages that match their weather. For example, is it snowy and cold? Then tailor a message that will help drive more clicks or visits to your store. Customers do purchase differently depending on the weather. So use it to your advantage.

Package delivery and tracking is a huge feature for email marketers now. So extend that to your text message campaigns too. Let customers know when there’s been an update in their package with real-time updates. And, if you have a brick-and-mortar shop, give them the option of curbside pick-up (with updates).

Customer loyalty is so important for brands. With increased competition, building solid connections with the people on your email list is more vital than ever. A solid loyalty program is one way to do it. And just as you can personalize loyalty information and updates through email via Smart Banners™, you can do the same with text.

You know that any customer relationship doesn’t end after the purchase. So it’s critical to find ways to keep in touch via SMS and email. Another way to use text messages is to provide help and educational information. Send directions, advice, and special tips on the products customers buy.

Asking for reviews is another message to add to the mix. Marketers understand that user-generated customer reviews are incredibly valuable to other consumers. So incorporate text messages that ask for reviews into your strategy. And, to encourage a higher completion rate, sweeten the pot with some extra loyalty points.

So how do you drive more of your readers to your SMS list? It’s simple. Ask them. Here’s where you can use Smart Banners™ to help drive conversions. 

Each of these messages can help your brand reach more customers. And, just like with Smart Banners™, it’s possible to add personalized animated images to each message. That helps provide customers with a unified look and feel from your marketing.

Get started with SMS 

Are you interested in learning how to do more with SMS and what’s coming in 2023? Then, check out our recent webinar: What’s Next in SMS – 3 Tips for Innovative Marketers.

In it, you’ll learn about the latest in SMS marketing and how to use it to improve and personalize your connections with customers. 

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