Key Video Email Marketing Stats to Know in 2019

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There’s little doubt you know that video-based marketing has been a hot trend over the last few years.

The continued growth of video on platforms from YouTube to Facebook, combined with more people than ever watching videos from mobile devices, has made it a no-brainer for many marketers.

But, not as many brands are combining video and email into one overall strategy. Unfortunately, that’s to their detriment — especially moving forward.

If you’re still not sure about the power of video email marketing, we wanted to highlight some of the top stats you need to know.

These video email marketing stats are going to help illustrate why having video in email is something you should start adding to your email marketing campaings.

Ready to jump in?

Video as visual content

For many, the benefit of video is that it can provide an enhanced visual experience for viewers that they just can’t get with words or even images.

The stats bear this out. According to studies, 80% of people will watch a video over reading text on a page.

Where this matters for many marketers is retention.

HubSpot found in a 2017 study that people could recall 65% of the video content they’ve seen almost three days later.

If you’re a marketer who is trying to get a specific message across, that’s a powerful stat.

It can also help you sell more as 64% of video watchers are more likely to buy a product online.

Video captures more attention

Being able to catch and hold a consumer’s attention is the name of the game today. Because there is just so much content out there, people are bombarded by information constantly online, through tv, and electronic billboards; it’s difficult to grab focus for more than a few seconds.

Video has been shown to be one of the mediums that breaks through.

video email marketing

In the above chart, video is pretty much far and away the one type of content most consumers closely pay attention.

Grabbing attention is one way you can supercharge your video email marketing campaigns. Think of it this way, with your subscribers you already have a list of people who have raised their hand to say give me information.

Now, when you consider Think With Google found that 50% of people look for videos of a product or service before buying, that presents a great opportunity to use product videos in your emails to reach these consumers right away.

Video email marketing gets clicks

Getting better open and click-through rates are the goals of every email marketer. Increase those metrics, and you’re likely to see improved conversion rates and revenue too.

Videos in emails help you do that.

Check out these stats:

Not only do adding videos to your emails help improve your click-through rates by a pretty substantial amount, but open rates also increase too.

The same goes for including interactive content in your emails too, by the way. Studies have shown that the click-to-open rate of those emails increases by 73%.

Don’t forget to add the word ‘video’ to your subject line too, that’s been shown to boost open rates as well — not to mention help prompt users to watch the video.

Use video for personalization

We know that making an effort to personalize your email list, often through tactics like segmentation, lead to more personalization. And, it’s also a key fact that personalized emails end up generating more revenue.

So, why not combine the two.

Introducing personalized videos in your segmented emails have been shown to increase engagement by 44%.

When engagement is one of the primary factors that drives clicks and conversions, any improvement in that number can translate to potentially significant results down the road.

Creating more personalized emails is something that a lot of email marketers are exploring; you might be seeing them in your own inbox already.

Video marketing works

At the end of the day, marketers are finding that using video as part of an overall strategy gets real results.

From the image above, two-thirds of marketers are finding video to be successful.

Don’t be surprised to see that number continue to rise over time as more advanced technology allows marketers to get really creative when it comes to video — especially with email.

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