Juice Up Your Mandrill Emails With Zembula’s Real-Time Ratings and Reviews

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Your email marketing needs to cut through the clutter. You need to stand out. 

Think of your own personal or business inbox. The competition for your attention is unbelievable.

To stand out is to win out. That’s the game. Your email messaging has to win attention. The customer action will follow if your other pieces are in place. 

So how do you rise above? By being more relevant to the person you’re trying to attract. 

Zembula gives you the power of that targeted relevance in ways you may never have before considered. And if you’re using Mandrill by Mailchimp as your email service provider (ESP), you can get up to speed quickly. Step up to the power of real-time personalization, including the ratings and reviews that will actually inspire consumer reaction. 

Stand Out with Zembula Through Mandrill

Using Zembula, you have the power to easily share user-generated content with potential customers. That five-star rating and rave review? Include it in your next newsletter. Or choose to only send it to the customers who’ve identified as interested in that specific product. You can completely personalize your messaging, and you can update it easily and quickly. Real-time ratings and reviews give you a marketing tool that’s as likely to drive transactions as any other step you could take. 

Your current email approach is probably limiting you to personalization at the moment-of-send. Your email is potentially outdated between the time you send it and the time the user opens it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Zembula allows you to create email images that contain live data. You plug those images into your email via a short snippet of code, and from there, you can update the content in Zembula’s platform whenever you want without having to edit the code.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reveiews

You can update ratings and reviews, tracking information, rewards program points, cart abandonment notifications, and more – all the way up to the moment that email is opened by the end-user. 

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Better Email Makes Better Customers – Simple As That

If you’re just using Mandrill for its out-of-the-box capabilities, then you’re getting a very fine ESP but still coming up short in truly standing out. In other words, you’re operating exactly how most customers would expect that you would.

Mandrill dashboard

Do better. Engage more. Show them the content that they care about – each one of them individually. Solve the riddle that is the bane of all email marketers – including ratings and reviews in email. And do it all in real-time.

Now, that’s an attention-getter. And you better believe that results will follow.

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