Interactivity is the New Personalization

 In Interactive Content

I’m sure you’ve all seen the emails with subject lines or opening paragraphs that include the recipient’s first name, or the app notifications that have your name or nickname on them. Personalization is huge, and only getting bigger!

Here’s the issue though, true personalization is difficult. Sure, you can add a personalization tag to your email, but having a real one-on-one conversation in a personal way with a member of your audience? That requires time and money that no one has.

If you’re like most companies, your information is in silos, making it nearly impossible to pull together to form a powerful and coherent message. Sales has a few tidbits in one application, marketing gets another few pieces from email sign-ups or surveys, and customer success has yet another dump of data from their more personalized conversations. But how do you get all of these pieces of data together to enhance your message?

Our answer is interactivity.

Interactivity creates the feeling of a one to one conversation. Instead of marketing at your audience, you’re inviting them to join a dialogue. They willingly participate in something out of the ordinary that they love and that makes them feel special, and you collect some data and a happy customer along the way. Sounds like a huge win to us!

The only elements you really need are a simple cover image, reveal image, and our email capture.

The best part is that it’s super simple to implement, and is the superior choice to other personalization techniques. Injecting interactive content into your marketing efforts using Zembula is incredibly easy to do, and requires almost no time and effort (and NO coding!). The best way to use us is to simply embed an email-capturing experience on your homepage. With a little design and a few seconds to copy and paste your pre-generated html snippet, you can be collecting data and delighting your customers in the span of minutes! It’s a light lift for a huge benefit of deeper personalization and closeness with your audience.

Play around with the example below and you’ll see what I mean!

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