The Only Interactive Content Types You Need

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You know interactive content is all the rage lately. You have definitely seen it out in the wild, and you have maybe even tried it to accomplish some of your own marketing goals. But no matter what your comfort level is with interactive content, the hardest part is knowing where to start. The mounds and mounds of conflicting information don’t help, not to mention there are more than fifteen different interactive content types to pick from. Yikes!

If you are one of the people still waiting to dip your toe into the interactive content marketing pool, or if you are looking to perfect your interactive content strategy consider using these three types of interactive content. Trust me, they are really the only interactive content you will ever need.

Quizzes or surveys
interactive content types

  1. Buzzfeed is quite possibly the king of quizzes. They have managed to perfect their clickbait language and drive outstanding engagement numbers with their content. You can take a page out of Buzzfeed’s book by making your own quiz. It doesn’t have to be as spammy as some of the ones you see on your Facebook timeline, but make sure you pique curiosity enough to get your viewers to click.
  2. How should these be used:
    1. With surveys and quizzes, you can also collect important information from your viewers by recording their answers. Then you can take that info and learn from it, or turn it into a cool little data report to share around your office, or provide it online.
  3. How to do it:
    1. Create a set of questions related to your business’s area of expertise that either test knowledge or try to capture some data. You can use a tool like Qzzr for easy quiz creation.

Reveal Marketing
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  1. Reveal marketing is a true gem amongst interactive content types! It is easy to create, stands out in the crowd of boring content, and drives up to 4x the engagement of static content. First of all, reveal marketing is any type of marketing content that requires recipients of a message to perform an action to uncover a hidden message. Think of all the design possibilities!
  2. How should they be used:
    1. By its very nature reveal marketing works extremely well for unveiling something. Think along the lines of new products, sale announcements, or new content. It works so well because of the psychology that backs it. Ever heard of FOMO? Reveal marketing takes advantage of our innate desire to be a part of the discovery process.
  3. How to do it:
    1. Reveal marketing can literally be created in minutes. All it takes is a couple of images, some good copy, and a final destination. Use tools like Zembula to create and manage your content with ease.

interactive content types

  1. Looking for a good lead gen tool? Try a calculator! Interactive calculators allow prospects to get quantitative output that measures how your product or service can solve their problems. If you are really creative, certain types of calculators can go viral if sharing is easy. Push the envelope a little bit and be creative!
  2. Who should use these:
    1. These are great for all types of businesses but especially services. Think about how many times you needed a quote for moving expenses or car insurance. These two scenarios could easily be turned into a calculator. Pair this with an email capture at the end and you will have a sweet lead generation combo.
  3. How to do it:
    1. Calculators are also easy to create with the right tools and they can give prospects the information they need to know before they buy. Try SnapApp for all your calculator creation needs.

With all the other interactive content types out there it can be hard to know what you should try. These three are truly the best. They perform the best, they are the easiest to create and they have the widest application. What’s even better is that these types let you, the marketer, collect important data whether it be interaction data or actual input. You can then use this to your benefit. Use it for further list segmentation or use it to create content or even new products!

While interactive infographics and white papers look super sweet, they may not always be the best option. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the means to create very complicated, oftentimes hardcoded interactive experiences, do it! Just don’t expect it to be easy or cheap. For most marketers, we need as many quick wins as we can get. Don’t get sucked into an interactive content trap by the shiny new toy. Stick to the ones that work. Trust us, we’ve tried them all!

So go ahead, jump into your first campaign head first! Let us know how it goes!