Interactive Content & Triggered Email Marketing: 4 Ready To Use Ideas

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Any marketer worth their salt knows that a campaign’s effectiveness relies on three key factors: relevance to the customer’s needs, correct timing of the messages, and value being offered to the recipient. Triggered campaigns, or campaigns that are sent only after a certain action has been completed, already have two of the key factors of an effective campaign, relevance and timeliness, built into their premise. This allows them to be highly effective in increasing click through rates and revenue growth. All that leaves you to do is provide an offer or message that adds value to your customer’s life and you’re on the right path to a highly successful campaign!

Interactive marketing and triggered emails play especially well together because both increase a customer’s sense of loyalty to your brand. They both help prove to the consumer that your company cares about providing them with valuable content, at the time that they need it, in a format that is going to be intriguing and easy to navigate. Let’s examine some use cases in which you can apply both triggered and interactive marketing to grow customer engagement, brand loyalty and revenue streams.

Travel or Loyalty Program Upgrade:

Travel companies, like airlines or hotels, as well as retail companies that offer a loyalty rewards program can use triggered emails and Zembula’s brand of interactive marketing to alert customers of an upgrade to their reservation or loyalty program status.

Why it works:

  • Forbes, in an article from 2013, states that it is seven times less expensive to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one.
  • By offering a benefit that adds value to the customer’s life, you’re able to increase their sense of connection with your brand and drive further customer loyalty and retention.

How to do it:

  • Write personal subject lines and CTAs that utilize self-identifying words such as “you” to reinforce the exclusive value of the offer you’re extending.
  • Consider using personalization tokens provided to you by the customer, like the customer’s first name or their birthday to send messages that feel hand crafted for them.
  • Think about words and phrases associated with upward mobility and success to establish that the customer is being rewarded for their devotion to your brand.


Sample Subject Lines: You Went Platinum. You’ve Been Upgraded! You’ve put in the work. We get it, you like your space.  Become a jet-setter.
Sample CTAs: Reach new heights. Claim your upgrade. Let us reward you. Be more comfortable.  Travel in luxury.



Retail Customer Automated Reorder:

Online retail enterprises can prompt a customer to reorder maintenance items, that they purchase on a recurring basis, in order to increase a customer’s happiness with the brand and make their life easier by simplifying the reordering process.

Why it works:

  • According to Forrester Research, trigger-based email marketing campaigns can generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits.
  • Trigger-based emails drive high levels of customer engagement because they are inherently timely and relevant to a customer’s needs.

How to do it:

  • Craft your subject lines and CTAs to trigger a consumer’s fear of missing out (FOMO) by using temporal language that reminds them they are almost out of a product.
  • Use email copy to remind a customer of the value this specific product adds to their life; encourage them to contemplate their life without your product.


Sample Subject Lines: You’re almost out of _____. It’s the final countdown. What would you do without _____? Life is hard enough
Sample CTAs: Re-order now Renew today Don’t run out Don’t go without



Bad or Near-Expiration Credit Card Information:

Subscription based services can use interactive marketing and trigger-based emails to prompt a customer to update lapsed or soon-to-be lapsed credit card information.

Why it Works:

  • Epsilon reports that triggered emails have a 152% higher CTRs than regular emails.
  • Interactive marketing in combination with a properly timed reminder will increase your chances of receiving updated information and retaining that customer.

How to do it:

  • Make sure that your subject line communicates that action on the part of the customer is required by asking questions or apprising them of your need for updated information.
  • Write CTAs that reiterate the potential loss of service if corrected payment details are not received.


Sample Subject Lines: Are you leaving us? Did something change? Don’t miss out on your favorite _____! We need some more information.
Sample CTAs: Baby don’t go Update info Act before it’s too late Keep us in the loop



Automated Customer Complaint Response or Product Recalls

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from addressing customer complaints across a variety of platforms, including social media, promptly and with respect.

Why it works:

  • Research by The Social Habit explains that 42% of consumers complaining on social media expect a response time of 60 minutes or less.
  • Triggered emails for customer complaints can address the issue with a sense of urgency and regain lost customer loyalty or trust.

How to do it:

  • If your company has made a truly egregious mistake, don’t hesitate to accept responsibility and offer a sincere apology to enable customers to feel like they’re receiving a more personal and helpful experience.
  • Offer your customer actionable information that helps clear up the next steps of the process:. Whether you’re extending a gift offer or requesting them to return a recalled item, make sure they know exactly what to do once they finish reading your email.


Sample Subject Lines: Our thanks for sticking with us.  We’re sorry something went wrong with our product. We’re not perfect. Presents don’t always fix things, but they don’t hurt!
Sample CTAs: Here’s to our future together. Find out where to send recalled product. Give us another chance. Get your gift.




These examples are only a few of the multitude of ways that interactive content and triggered email marketing campaigns can be applied to various business models.

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