Interactive Content Trends for 2018

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With every new year comes new trends in the marketing world. No matter what the latest fad, there are constant strategies that have proven their value and therefore remain popular year after year. Content marketing has squarely placed itself among the staples of modern day campaign creation. In fact, in 2017, more than 60% of B2B marketers reported that their content marketing strategies were more effective than one year before.

So how are these marketers taking the old format of content marketing and continuing to see growth? Easy! They’re implementing interactive content and paying attention to the trends surrounding dynamic campaigns.

Unfortunately, the strategies that worked last year for interactive content marketing may not be enough to keep your edge in 2018. It’s important that us marketers anticipate the trends, and adjust our strategies accordingly. Here are 4 of the biggest interactive content trends to keep your eye out for in 2018.

Dynamic Content Diversity is Key

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge shift away from the “content churning” model of marketing. Instead of inundating their viewers with repetitive low-quality content, brands are taking some cues from the media publishing world. Simply employing a gaggle of writers isn’t enough anymore. Today’s successful brands take a more nuanced approach to content marketing than simple blog ideas.

This shift toward high-quality, interactive content of various types can be scary for marketers. It sounds like an approach that is much more expensive than marketing models that have worked in the past. Fear not! Solutions like Zembula’s interactive content platform make it easy to diversify content types, incorporate interaction and avoid breaking the bank. These easy-to-use solutions make this interactive content trend accessible for any marketing budget in 2018!

The Internet of Things Will Rise in Importance

In today’s digital world, Clients are never again restricted to staying glued to the screen for getting content. Now, The Internet of Things has brought content to devices all around us, intertwined in our day to day lives in a way that is both eyes and hands-free. For example, think about how the modern consumer uses Siri. We talk, and she responds providing us with voice-activated access to the content we desire. Looking toward the future, voice-activated software like Alexa and Siri will continue to rise in importance.

How can you grab onto this interactive content trend? Think about ways consumers can interact with your content unexpectedly. At the current state of things, everything is digitized in some format. Between device-pairing, sensors, and beacon-based geographically targeted marketing campaigns, there is no shortage of opportunities for interactive content that goes beyond the expected. The key to getting these strategies right is to connect with the right target demographic, in diversified formats, at the right time and place.

interactive content trends

Media Lines Become Blurry

For the last 10 years, innovations like social media and streaming services have pushed the boundaries of the media container outside of its original owned media model. While it’s true that companies still own or control much of what we share, the interconnectedness of a world hooked on the internet means that there is the opportunity for brands to expand into social media and foster interaction with their audiences.

Content can no longer be siphoned into formal categories like paid, owned and earned media. With an omnichannel strategy in mind, the new buyer’s journey must be paved with content that takes the form of all three. And despite the content category you’re working within, your entire marketing strategy must work seamlessly together. To accomplish this goal, you will have to change the way your external and internal teams manage content development, deployment, and promotion.

Analytics Are A Necessity

Last year, only 37% of marketers documented their content strategy. While that’s still at 5% growth from 2016’s stats, there’s still a big portion of marketers who are using a strategy that is not documented. If you’re among the marketers that already tracks your efforts with analytics and A/B campaigns, congratulations! Looking forward to 2018, gathering accurate analytics that allows you to prove your ROI will continue to grow as the standard for excellent marketing accountability.

Luckily for us overworked marketers, there are platforms like Zembula’s interactive content solution that allow us to easily incorporate interactive content while seamlessly tracking analytics. With native templates for creating and implementing A/B campaigns, celebrating your successes and analyzing your opportunities for growth has never been easier.

While the state of marketing is sure to continue to grow through 2018, use these interactive content trends as a launching pad for your strategy in the New Year.

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interactive content trends