Why Is Interactive Content Like Pumpkin Spice?

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Riddle me this: what makes pumpkin spice so great? We all love it- in lattes, pastries, even peanut butter, and kale chips.

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It’s just simple spices; nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and clove, but it seems like magic when fall is in the air and sweater-weather is just around the corner.

What is it about these commonplace spices that embodies the feeling of an entire season? The answer: it’s the combination. Remove just one of these ingredients, and your pumpkin spice turns into plain-ol’ spice.

Surprisingly, interactive content is much the same. You take various elements and combine them for something that is refreshing, addictive, and is (or will soon be) everywhere. A strong image, snappy copy, a dash of psychology, and the ability to interact with all of these things creates an experience like none other. However, without just one of these pieces, your interactive experience falls apart and becomes just another boring white paper or email.

Take this interactive fall campaign from Strongbow hard cider, for example. They debuted their new line of limited-edition fall flavors in a quiz enticing you to “Find Your Fall Flavor”. They married personalization and interactivity here, along with lovely fall-evoking imagery and a fun quiz to capture and engage their audience with new product offerings. Here, the psychological principle they are utilizing is the Ikea Effect, meaning that because the audience put effort into completing the quiz, they will be more invested in the product offering payoff when they finish. After they complete the quiz, Strongbow links to a “Find a store near you” feature, bringing their fully engaged audience to the point of purchase in one smooth, easy step.

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So how can you leverage these interactivity spices? Be sure to utilize great design, fun or humorous copy, and at least one principle of psychology. Build a quiz, a bracket, or a digital Scratch-It to make the content interactive, and you have a combination just as potent and shareable as that Pumpkin Spice latte. Luckily, this amazing combination of ingredients, unlike pumpkin spice, is available year-round, and is just as Instagram-able as its latte counterpart..

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