Interactive Content For Customer Acquisition

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Gaining new customers is tough. Your audience may subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Twitter, and read your blog, but how do you get them moving in the right direction toward a buyer’s mindset? How do you engage them in a new way that brings them closer to a purchase?

The answer is interactive content! While static content converts 36% of the time, interactive content has been shown to lead to a conversion 70% of the time. Adding interactive content to your customer acquisition strategy allows you to accomplish many of your most pressing marketing initiatives. Interactive marketing can entice your audience to purchase using content that is different and entertaining, by adding an element of fun to your customer acquisition strategy. Refresh stale content with interactivity to get more bang for your buck.

Interactive content converts because it leverages psychological principles like Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and curiosity to attract new buyers. This allows you to optimize the transition from prospect to buyer with a memorable interactive experience. Finally, it gives you the ability to encourage active participation with your marketing messages and grow the perceived value of the information you present.

Let’s explore 5 easy ways to work interactive content into your marketing strategy today:

Industry Specific Interactive Content

Brands in the construction and home improvement industries have found great success incorporating interactive content like expense estimators and online classes in specific tasks. These forms of interactive content drive customer acquisition by addressing the consumer’s needs at the right time, and providing a solution. All industries can utilize interactive content. It just takes some creativity!

interactive content for customer acquisition

How to Do it: Think about helpful interactive services related to your industry that you can offer you customers. Once you’ve settled on a form of content, cross check it with your ideal customer personas to ensure it will resonate with your target audience. Simple calculators, like ReplacementWindowZone’s Expense Estimators, or courses regarding your products are not hard to create, and you’ll see a huge boost in conversions! Ask yourself: How can your business solve a potential customer’s problem and drive conversions?


Customer acquisition can be hard because you’re attempting to begin a new relationship between your brand and a stranger. Potential customers are flooded with a vast number of messages across all forms of media every day. Content fatigue is a real affliction of the modern consumer! Personalization cuts through this haze of marketing messages and captures the reader by fostering a sense of familiarity.

interactive content for customer acquisition

How to Do it: Think about fun ways to add touches of personalization to your interactive messages. Personalized messages like Marketo’s Invitation Video reference the viewer by name throughout. This hyper-personalized interactive approach brings loads of fun to their campaign. How can you make your potential customers feel engaged and bring some fun?

Social Media

Part of cultivating your business’ customer acquisition strategy is engaging with your followers on social media. In today’s digital world, not existing on social media can spell death for an entrepreneur’s dreams. However, it’s not just enough to have social media…having a Twitter where you throw random links into the void isn’t enough. Your brand needs to seem personable. Customers trust advice from the friends they follow on social media. In fact, 71% of consumers who had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Interactive content for customer acquisition

How to Do it: Foster a two way conversation with your visitors across social media channels, and use fun interactive experiences or GIFs to capture their attention. For example, the Girl Scouts App Download Campaign utilized Twitter to drive app downloads by running a native campaign that drove users directly to the app store and prompted download. How can you connect with your potential customers on social media and drive conversions?

Email Newsletters

Almost every brand on the face of the internet has an email newsletter you can sign up for. How can you ensure your information stands out in the sea of marketing emails your consumers receive everyday? The answer is interactive content! Well over two thirds of marketers believe that interactive content is better at capturing attention and differentiating their brand than static content alone.

interactive content for customer acquisition

How to Do It: Stay in touch with readers and nurture a relationship that can lead to a conversion by allowing them to sign up for your email newsletter to get more information. Be sure to use a form that asks them their age and gender or other demographic information so you can better personalize the content in your newsletter. To get inspired, check out GrubHub’s “EatMap” Email Campaign. The engaging interactive email campaign displayed moving animation within the email message, as well as offering viewers access to a customized “EatMap” of their local area. Ask yourself: How can your brand connect with consumers and offer them interesting interactive content to enhance their life?

Reveal Marketing

With so many forms of interactive content to choose from, how do you decide what type is right for your customer acquisition needs? Here at Zembula, we believe in the power of Reveal Marketing. Reveal Marketing utilizes several proven psychological principles like Curiosity and FOMO to engage potential customers and entice them to follow your calls to action. With our unique customer acquisition tool, your brand will be able to convert more website visitors into email subscribers quickly while providing an entertaining interactive experience.

How to Do It: Interested in getting started with reveal marketing today? Take a peek around our website and research whether reveal marketing is the best choice for your needs. Our homepage is a great example of how we love using our own tool to grow our email list. This time we took a reveal experience and used it to giveaway a week of free trial. In order to unlock the extended trial, the visitor must enter their email address. By inciting curiosity right off the bat with a hidden offer we were able to drive action. Lastly, giving your audience a something and asking for something back is a great way to drive interest. Ask yourself: How can I use psychology to drive interactions and boost conversions?

When you’re ready to talk more, contact us and get the ball rolling on your next interactive content campaign for customer acquisition!