7 Ways Interactive Content Changes Your Website

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OK, by now you’ve probably heard it 100 times but I’ll tell you once again… interactive content changes your website and makes it better! Those words don’t mean much though. For example, what is a “better” website and how is it measured? With so many metrics to track, judging successes and failures can be a time consuming and seemingly impossible task. Don’t worry though, we’re here to tell you about 7 ways your website will change once you incorporate interactive experiences.

Your content becomes more fun.

interactive content changes your website

Everyone likes fun! In fact, 60% of millennials listed fun as an important driver in customer loyalty. By incorporating interactive content, not only will your content provide more fun, but your messages will be remembered too.

You grab more attention.

interactive content changes your website

In today’s media-saturated world, it can be hard to capture your customer’s attention in the first place, much less get them to purchase your product or service! Interactive content solves this problem by capturing customer’s attention more effectively. In fact, 88% of marketers state that interactive content is better than static content at grabbing consumers’ attention.

Your conversions go up.

interactive content changes your website

What more do I need to say? Interactive content drives 2X the number of conversions than static content! The proof is in the numbers… interactive content is effective at turning potential consumers into paying customers.

Visitors stay longer.

interactive content changes your website

Interactive content stretches the average attention span from 8 to 24 seconds. This means visitors stay longer and interactive with your content for a longer period of time. Static content only holds interest for about 8 seconds, or as long as a goldfish’s attention span. You need more time than that to convert your readers, and interactive content can give you that time!

You capture more customer data.

interactive content changes your website

Interactive content lends itself well to form-fills and other data collection methods. By asking your customers to interact with a piece of media, you’re gathering more data from them than you would have otherwise, allowing you to further your relationship and better tailor future campaigns to your target demographic.

Your content generates more excitement.

interactive content changes your website

People want to be thrilled by the content they consume! In today’s digital age we’re all used to getting what we want when we want it. If your content isn’t keeping them entertained or motivating them to act, it’s not serving its purpose. Interactive content creates more excitement around your messaging.

Your brand becomes more appealing.

interactive content changes your website

Overall, the changes made to your website with the addition of interactive content serve to make your brand more personable. When customers feel a reciprocal connection with your messaging and brand, you being to foster a relationship that increases your brand’s value in that customer’s life! That’s worth working for!!

Whether you want to snag more conversions, capture more millennial shoppers or just generate some excitement around your brand or product, interactive content is the perfect way to capture that attention and drive meaningful customer relationships. Have you noticed how interactive content changes your website? Let us know what you think in the comments!