Increase the Relevance of Your Personalized Marketing Campaigns on Alterian With Ratings and Reviews

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The online marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Ten years ago, you could get by simply existing online and blasting out a few ads, and sending a couple of emails. As you are probably well aware, this is no longer the case if you want to have a meaningful ROI on your marketing. 

Customers’ evolving expectations and market saturation have forced marketers to focus on the complete buyer journey to improve their success odds. Alterian is a marketing suite that helps marketers organize their whole customer journey and includes several tools so that you can make running these complex campaigns easier and get data to track how they’re working.


With Zembula, you can add even more functionality. With this, you can increase your audience’s engagement. One major win in all the added functionality is the ability to add ratings and reviews to your email templates.

Consumers value rating and reviews just as much as recommendations from friends and family.

User-generated content is precious to consumers in the process of making their buying decision. That’s because it builds trust, and consumers inherently trust other people that are just like them more than they can trust a brand. If a brand does everything correctly, it’ll earn the consumer’s trust and keep them as customers for the long term. Rating and reviews play a considerable role in the trust-building process.

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Zembula allows you to add personalized ratings and reviews that are updated at the time of opening. This means that you can make the most out of your customer data and send them the most relevant information directly to their inbox. 

Having this functionality allows you to improve your email engagement with critical information that your customers would otherwise have to look for on their own.

New functionality without the need to call a developer

Adding non-native functionality to your marketing suite typically involves a call to your IT team and an outside developer so that they can build the functionality you’re looking for. This means that you’ll have to have the budget and the bandwidth to manage this project.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Zembula saves you the headache by making it fast and straightforward. To integrate Zembula, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code into your email template, and you’re done. No need to call anyone or wait for an app to be built. 

Click here to set up a call with one of our email experts to help you find ways to increase the engagement of your email campaigns and take your personalized marketing campaigns to new levels. 

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