Increase the relevance of your Mailgun email campaigns with ratings and reviews

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There are times when you need total control over the tools that you use. You need to have the flexibility to implement and design without constraints. To this end, Mailgun is one of the most flexible email platforms. It’s geared specifically towards developers so that Mailgun can become an integral part of the end product. 

As an email service provider, Mailgun has the features that every modern ESP is expected to have. These include A/B testing, automation, and email deliverability checks. However, it can still be difficult to add ratings and reviews to your email templates. Zembula allows Mailgun users to add these features and take Mailgun’s effectiveness to the next level.

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Everyone reads ratings and reviews.

User-generated content has become a significant factor in nudging the customer to buy. As it turns out, over 90% of all customers report that reading user-generated ratings and reviews play a significant role in their decision-making process. In more practical terms, products that have more reviews tend to significantly outperform the ones that have fewer or no reviews at all. 

Zembula lets you add ratings and reviews to your email campaigns with a couple of additional features. The first one is that it allows for deep personalization with your customer data. This will enable you to personalize which reviews you present to your customers and increase the relevance of your messaging. 

The second prominent feature that Zembula brings to the table is its ability to update the information your customer sees when opening the email. Your customer will now be able to get the information they need to see without having to click through and navigate your website. The result is that the increased relevance of the messaging leads to a measurable impact on sales conversions. 


Copy-paste integration and intuitive user interface

With an email platform that’s as involved as Mailgun, the last thing you need is to add additional work to your project to fit in extra features. Zembula solves this problem by making its integration fast and easy. All you need to do is copy-paste a few lines of code into your email template, and then you’re good to go. 

We complement this ease of integration with ease of use. Zembula’s email builder is based on a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface. This makes sure every user can start using the tool with a minimal learning curve. 

If you’re a Mailgun user, you are very particular about the tools you choose to use. Set up a free consult with our email experts to see for yourself how Zembula would fit into your project’s objectives.

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