Improve Your Marketing Budget’s ROI by Adding Ratings and Reviews to Your Email Campaigns on GetResponse

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One of the biggest challenges for small online businesses is getting a positive ROI from their marketing campaigns. That’s why high-efficiency marketing channels like email become the foundation of their strategy.

Email is not only significantly more cost-effective than other channels, but it also gives you complete control over when you communicate with your customers. For this reason, many marketers report getting up to a 38x ROI from their investment in email marketing. 

GetResponse is a platform that makes it fast and cost-effective for small businesses to implement effective email campaigns into their marketing efforts. Since its focus is on cost-effectiveness, it lacks some of the more in-depth features other platforms have. 

Zembula helps you expand the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns on GetResponse by making it easy and cost-effective to add powerful new ways to engage your audience.

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Deliver the Exact Information They Are Looking For

It’s typical behavior for online customers to use user-generated ratings and reviews to help them decide to invest in a brand. This is why you can find so many social media channels focusing on reviewing products and a dedicated ratings and reviews section on most websites. 

Zembula lets you add your product’s ratings and reviews to your email campaigns on GetResponse. Since this feature is not available natively on GetResponse, your only option would be to migrate to another platform that does include this functionality. But if GetResponse meets your marketing needs, Zembula is the best way to amplify its effectiveness. 

Our ratings and reviews content block can integrate with your customer data and updates in real-time directly from your customer’s inbox. This functionality guarantees that you always deliver the most relevant and helpful information.

DIY Installation Process and Intuitive User Interface

If GetResponse is your marketing platform of choice, investing in hiring an outside developer or getting an IT person involved doesn’t make a lot of financial sense for you. It’s for this reason that Zembula has an integration process that you can do yourself.

To add Zembula’s tools into your email, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you’re all set. 

Zembula’s user interface should also feel familiar to GetResponse users. It’s based on a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop functionality that will get you building emails in no time. 

Click here to schedule a call with one of our email experts to learn about how Zembula can help you improve your email marketing ROI.

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