Improve Your All In Email Campaign’s ROI With User-Generated Ratings and Reviews

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Email is one of the most effective marketing channels across all industries. With B2C and eCommerce in particular, email has become an essential part of the marketing mix due to its impact on overall sales performance. In the US, 1 in 3 retail email subscribers buys from the brands they follow. So making sure your subscribers have the best email experience with your brand pays off. 

All In is an email marketing platform that is tailored to Brazilian marketing. As such, it hosts several features that aid marketers that service this market. Aside from the location-specific features, it also has everything you would expect from a modern email service provider, like automation, segmentation, and drag and drop user interface.

All iN Marketing Cloud

Zembula gives All In users additional functionality that helps them stand out in their subscriber’s inboxes. One of the added features that Zembula provides is user-generated ratings and reviews, which have the potential to dramatically improve the performance of your marketing. 

91% of consumers read ratings and reviews as part of their decision-making process 

Ratings and reviews have become a part of what most customers look for in making their purchasing decision. Ratings and reviews have become so critical in sales performance that products with more ratings and reviews sell significantly more than products that don’t. 

All iN Marketing Cloud esp

Zembula helps you leverage the power of user-generated ratings and reviews on your audience by giving you a cost-effective and straightforward way of adding them to your email. With Zembula’s email integration, your ratings and reviews also have the power to interface with your customer data and update directly from their inbox. This functionality allows you to send personalized ratings and reviews that are updated in real-time. This increases the impact of the information you send in each of your campaigns and boosts your results.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Copy-paste integration and drag and drop user interface

Adding Zembula’s functionality to your email campaign is as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code to your emails. And using our feature doesn’t require you to read a manual or learn a new system. It’s based on a familiar drag and drop user interface, so you’ll spend most of your time exploring ways to improve your campaigns instead of fiddling with another system. 

If you’re ready to find new ways to increase your email campaigns’ relevance and improve your marketing ROI, click here to set up a free consultation with one of our email experts so we can explore what possibilities Zembula can open up for your brand. 

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