Improve the Response Rate to Your BombBomb Campaigns With Ratings and Reviews

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One of the biggest challenges that email marketers face is getting subscribers to take action. That’s why we keep on looking for innovative ways to engage the audience and keep them on the hook until they’re ready to act on the email’s call to action. One of these creative ways to get our audience to engage with our content is using several different mediums, other than text. 

BombBomb is an email marketing platform that specializes in helping you embed video content into your emails. Additionally, it helps you get detailed data and feedback on how your audience reacts to your video content. 

Zembula complements the video capabilities of BombBomb by giving you more engagement tools that can boost the impact of your email campaigns. Fundamental amongst Zembula’s features is the ratings and reviews block.


User-Generated Content is Irresistible.

The reason why social media is so irresistible is the exact reason why ratings and reviews are so impactful. User-generated content is a very focused version of social proof. As humans, we can’t help but pay attention to what others have to say. It’s a baked-in social behavior that we rely on to make decisions about purchasing and otherwise. 

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Zembula’s ratings and reviews block give you the ability to leverage social proof and integrate it into your email campaigns. The ratings and reviews block does much more than adding a static image to your emails. It can combine with your customer data so that you can provide personalized recommendations to your subscribers.

Additionally, the content updates in real-time directly from your subscriber’s inbox. This way, you can make sure that you always share the most recent content and maximize the amount of your list that reads it. 

User-Generated Content Is Irresistible.

Marketers often don’t consider adding new features to their marketing platform. Since this typically involves either migrating to new software or getting a custom development. Both of these options can be time-consuming and expensive. Also, there’s the aspect of learning how the new platform works and adapting your workflow to it. 

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Zembula solves this by making it fast and simple to integrate our feature set into your emails. All you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to your email, and you’re done. You’ll have access to all of Zembula’s content blocks. 

Zembula is based on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface with drag and drop functionality. Plus, it’s similar to what you are using to build your current email. You won’t have to invest any time into learning a new platform and just focus on finding new creative ways to engage your subscribers. 

If you want to explore the new ways to increase your response rate with Zembula, click here to set up a call with one of our email experts.

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