Improve the Quality of Your Automotive Leads On eLead1 With Ratings and Reviews

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The car dealership industry is highly competitive. Dealerships need to be as effective as possible in the lead nurturing process to reach their sales goals. Also, the car sales industry has certain aspects that are unique to it. For one, the relationship with their customers often lasts for years. Buying a car is a high-value transaction, and you will have a long-term relationship with your customer. 

It’s for these reasons that industry-specific CRMs like eLead1 have been developed. This way, automotive industry professionals have the resources to nurture their leads and get the most revenue possible from their sales to funnel. eLead1 has all the necessary tools that you would expect in a CRM and robust email marketing capabilities. 

Zembula gives you new tools that help you stand out in your lead’s inbox so that your campaign’s engagement increases and your messages are read and acted upon.

Leverage Social Proof to Increase Your Lead’s Trust in Your Brand

User-generated ratings and reviews are some of the most effective tools to increase trust in your brand. That’s because they provide your leads with helpful information from a trusted source. That source is other people trying to solve their problems with their brand just like they are. This is often referred to as social proof, and it works great in helping brands move their leads closer to the sale. 

Zembula gives you the ability to add ratings and reviews to your eLead1 email campaigns in a way that’s practical and cost-effective. Our ratings and review content block can integrate with your customer data. This functionality helps make sure that every email campaign you send is personalized

Expand the Functionality of Your CRM Without Even Calling Your IT Department

Sales teams often miss out on powerful tools that can help them improve their results because migrating to a more feature-rich CRM or email tool is not practical nor cost-effective. 

Zembula solves this problem by integrating all of our tools, as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code to the body of your email. In most cases, our users don’t need to call their IT department or get any outside help to start adding Zembula’s tools to their email campaigns. 

Our user interface was designed to fit in seamlessly with your workflow. It’s based on a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop functionality that makes it easy for you to start building email without having to read a user manual. 

Click here to schedule a call with one or email experts to learn about all the different ways in which Zembula can help boost your sales team’s results. 

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