Improve the Engagement of Your Leads On Your Evalanche Automated Email Campaigns With Ratings and Reviews

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Engagement is one of the most critical aspects of every email campaign. How that metric performs will often determine your success. As marketers, we sometimes get lost in open rates, but these rates won’t get us the results unless our subscribers engage with the emails and act on them. 

This is why automated email campaigns have become commonplace for marketers. Automated campaigns are an effective tactic to increase the likelihood of being seen by your subscribers. 

Evalanche is an email service provider geared towards creating automated email sequences in a way that’s accessible for most marketers.


Zembula gives avalanche users more tools that will help them increase the engagement of their customers with their email campaigns. 

One of the tools with which our customers get quick wins is our ratings and reviews content block. 

Everyone Loves Reading Ratings and Reviews.

Go to YouTube or just about any other social media channel, and you’ll find ratings and reviews channels for just about every market category.

The reason ratings and reviews are so popular is they provide your customer with information that is confidence-inspiring and complements your brand’s marketing content with a user-centric view. 

Zembula’s ratings and review content block is a great way to help your customer get the information they are looking for in their inbox.

With our content block, your ratings and reviews can be integrated with your automation and customer data so that you can send personalized content to your subscribers. 

A Powerful Way to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns Without Having to Migrate to a New Platform

Moving to a different marketing platform is always time-consuming and can also strain your budget. Most marketers don’t even consider modifying the capabilities of their marketing software. For this reason, making significant improvements to your email campaign’s results can take a lot of time. 

agnitas platform

Zembula solves this problem by letting you add powerful new features to your email campaigns without having to migrate to a new platform or go through a complex installation process.

To integrate Zembula with your email campaigns, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you’re all set. Our users spend their time finding new ways to engage their audience instead of fiddling with cumbersome systems. 

Click here to schedule a call with one of our team members to explore how we can help you find growth opportunities for your email campaigns.

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