Improve Marketing ROI in 2023 With Personalization

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If you’re running a business that depends on email and SMS outreach, “personalization” should be your company’s mantra.

Forget everything else. Because if you’re not personalizing, none of it is going to matter anyway.

The single biggest key to improving your marketing ROI in 2023 is personalization. There is nothing you can do that is going to make a bigger impact and improve your customer’s experience.

If you were personalizing in 2021, you were standing out. If you were doing it in 2022, you were fitting in. If by 2023, you’re not personalizing, you’ll simply be left out. That’s how fast the expectations of consumers are changing.

It’s now or never.

Either get with the times and personalize your email and SMS outreach or start preparing to downsize.

So, if everybody is personalizing, how are you going to see any real difference in your marketing ROI? Wouldn’t you just be doing the same thing as all your competitors?

That’s where Zembula comes in.

See, there’s personalization, and then there’s deep personalization. The former addresses a customer by name and then calls it good. The latter engages a customer, grabs their attention, and shows them things that are specific to their individual needs and wants. That personalized focus makes them feel like the most important person in the world.

Which of these two personalization approaches do you think is going to move the needle in 2023? That’s right: It’s deeply personalized content that’s going to meaningfully improve your marketing ROI.

Zembula offers proprietary solutions that make it simple for you to deeply personalize your content. It all comes down to harnessing the data you already have to a greater effect than you likely thought possible.

Best of all? It’s easy to get immediate results.

Narrow Your Focus

For a lot of marketers, one issue with attempting to personalize their emails and texts comes when they try to cast too wide a net. The point of deep personalization is to make the content relevant to the individual. You want excellent filtration that allows you to get hyper-focused.

Zembula gives you the power to work in segments of one. Now you can refine your messaging so that you’re nailing the very specific interests of your very individual customers.

Use the Zembula Campaign Decision Engine to organize and optimize at scale. You can run experiments to improve your marketing ROI in 2023 with our AI optimization and set up rules to prioritize your content display.

Tap Into the Wow Factor Through Personalized Animation

Wow your email and SMS recipients with personalized animations. Give them something fresh and attention-grabbing.

Animation allows you to bring your messages to life. It’s more than just a novelty. It helps tell a story and can have a huge impact on your bottom line. And it should be an important part of your 2023 marketing strategy.

Explore Brand

Getting started with personalized animation may seem daunting, but Zembula makes it easy for you to add to your existing campaign or spin up a new one.

Deep Personalization: The Key to Success in 2023

With Zembula, you can use your data to segment and enrich your content. Most data is used to segment. But if you’re not doing more than that, you’re missing a big opportunity. Deeply personalized content is what’s going to make you stand out.

Zembula lets you set up display rules so that each unique user gets content that is relevant to them. And you can swap out content on the fly without having to edit the code.

Streamline your marketing with Zembula’s campaign management dashboard. Swap, test and optimize dynamic banners, headers and footers without having to go into your email template. With Zembula, you can automate the process of plugging your data into hyper-specific situations to create deeply personalized content.

Provide a Better Customer Experience in 2023

None of this stuff is difficult to implement. Our proprietary solutions make using your data to much greater effect simple. All you need is the data you probably already own.

There’s still space to be carved out on the personalization battleground. While your competitors think they are personalizing by calling their customers by name, you can stand apart by showing your customers specific messaging that’s unlike the same-ol, same-ol they’re accustomed to seeing.

Let us know when you’re ready to get started.

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