How Zembula Helps Marketers Improve Processes and Streamline Workflows

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Marketers have a lot on their plates. So anything thrown into the mix that adds steps to workflows or disrupts processes is not a welcome sign.

Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence — especially when it comes to email. Going above and beyond and meeting customers’ needs, including personalizing emails, is time-consuming and often requires manual work.

That’s where leaning into technology can be a game changer. With the right systems, it’s possible to automate personalization at scale. Here’s how Zembula helps you do it.

Personalize at scale

Traditionally, achieving 1:1 personalization is not a simple task for email marketers. If you operate a big list, segmenting can help, but getting much more personalized beyond that isn’t easy without a lot of time and effort. 

Unfortunately, that means you’re leaving a lot on the table, both in terms of building good communication with your customers and generating revenue. The Zembula platform changes everything, allowing you to create hyper-personalized content for every email you send

The best part? You can pull your first-person data pulled from your CRM, email service provider, loyalty and eCommerce managers to create a variety of campaigns within minutes. Using Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine, all you need to do is connect your data sources, add a snippet of code to your email templates, and create your display rules. 

The Campaign Decision Engine automatically takes care of the rest, sending personalized content in every email without needing to pause campaigns to make changes or update code.

Add Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ into the mix

Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ allow you to design and animate emails with personalized messaging for each reader.

That creates a deeply personalized email for each reader. And it allows you to create both primary and secondary calls to action, expanding your messaging and driving higher levels of engagement. 

Examples include:

  • Abandoned cart and browse
  • Loyalty updates
  • Shipping notifications
  • Product recommendations
  • Sales
  • Local events
  • Weather data
  • Email and SMS signups

And so on. 

All of these options give marketers a lot of flexibility in generating dozens of engaging messages that help drive action. In addition, it helps keep message variety and interest high. That’s vital, especially when there’s more competition than ever in the inbox.

Once you begin creating Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™, use the platform to set up a hierarchy of messages. So, if the reader doesn’t have a product in their cart, they may see their loyalty points instead. 

That’s one less thing for marketers to worry about monitoring. And if you want to make changes, swap out the code on the fly since these emails update at the moment-of-open, not the moment-of-send. So, you don’t need to pause your campaigns or restart. 

Make the most of your marketing efforts

The Zembula platform helps streamline your marketing processes and workflows, enabling you to do more. Create templates and see exactly what your emails look like before sending them. Reduce time tweaking code or manually updating emails. And since emails are optimized, you don’t have to run tons of A/B tests to see what your readers respond to.

Marketing Stack Image

Instead, it’s easy to test and optimize, swap out content, and schedule emails — all while ensuring everything you send is personalized.

This leaves your marketing team more time to focus on tasks like optimizing your email copy, learning more about your customers, and developing a better marketing strategy. Each of these helps improve customer experience, which is driving consumer interest today.

Bring your emails to life

Take advantage of the opportunity to go deep into personalization — all while saving your time and energy. Let Zembula help create a streamlined email experience that appeals to your customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can transform your emails, get in touch. One of our email marketing experts would love to know more about your business and help you explore your options. 

Click here to request a demo.

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