How To Utilize Ratings And Reviews For Your Holiday Marketing

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There’s one thing virtually every single one of your potential customers do before they buy. It’s so common you can take it to the bank. 


You should be, because if you incorporate this one thing into your marketing, especially your holiday marketing, you’ve got a very good chance of increasing your conversion and sales rates. 

Alright, we won’t keep you in suspense anymore. The one thing that consumers do before they buy is checking reviews online. It turns out 95% of customers look for reviews of products and services before they buy. 

What’s more is that when consumers see these online ratings and reviews during the decision-making process, it actually works. It pushes them toward buying. That presents brands like yours with a great opportunity, especially this time of year with the holiday season is right around the corner. 

The more you showcase ratings, reviews, and testimonials in your sales funnels, including your email marketing, the better. Here are some ways you can start utilizing ratings and reviews in your holiday marketing campaigns. 

Highlight recommended products

There’s no doubt you probably have a few products you’d love to generate some buzz for and sell this holiday season. While offering some great deal is one way to approach it, another is to use reviews to highlight just how many of your customers love it. 

Speaker review

To do that, tap into user-generated content. You can do that by sourcing reviews from your happy customers, finding awesome unboxing videos or reviews on social media, or even getting a contest going to encourage customers to participate. 

Whatever approach you take, you want to tie all those great reviews and testimonials to the specific products you’re recommending to your customers. When they see how much other people love these products, it helps make them more likely to buy.

Target specific customers

Today, you can get more data on your customers than ever before. In fact, many are willing to give you information in exchange for more personalized marketing materials and content

If you aren’t sure where to start, look at the tools you already have. Check out your eCommerce, loyalty, and CRM tools to see what your customers have bought and browsed. That right there can give you all sorts of insights into the products or services they are interested in and are likely to buy. 

From there, you can set up segmented and targeted campaigns that are personalized to those customers. Of course, don’t forget to add reviews and ratings to these emails. When customers see reviews and ratings from people who are very similar to them, it helps build trust and project authenticity for your brand

Showcase special sales on popular products

Remember, holiday email campaigns aren’t just a one and done type of thing; at least they shouldn’t be if you’re doing it right. That means you need to plan a couple of different emails to engage your readers and entice them to buy. 

One way to do that is to let them know what products your other customers find really popular and are buying during the holiday season. With your eCommerce tools, you should be able to see the products your customers are buying. When you see some products get really popular, let your other customers know. 

Ratings and reviews for classes

Emails like the one above can provide an incentive to buy in two ways. First, it’s highlighting those products or services people are buying, giving some nice social proof. And then it’s also a way to let people know one of the reasons why people are buying is because you’re offering them such great deals.

Always think about where you can add more reviews

Reviews are an increasingly important part of the sales process, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Customers want to see real, authentic reviews from shoppers so you need to find ways to give it to them. 

In addition to keeping your eyes peeled on social media for these spontaneous, positive reviews, you should also be consistently asking for them too. Set up post-purchase email campaigns that include asks for reviews and ratings so you can build these up for your products and services throughout the year. 

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