How to Use Your Data to Do More

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Every marketer is looking for ways to differentiate from the crowd and engage with customers. That’s nothing new. Marketers have been trying to do that since, well…the advent of marketing.

However, what is different today is data. Even if you aren’t investing in robust data tools, you can still gather far more information from your email service providers, CRMs, and eCommerce tools than in the past. 

There’s only one problem: what to do with all that data? How can you use it to see real ROI on your efforts? And, most importantly, how can you use the information you have to deliver for your customers?

We’ve got a few tips on capitalizing on your data to do more for your customers and your bottom line. So let’s dig into how you can start embracing data-driven personalization. 

Make personalization more effective

The days of “Hey [Name]” as your only source of email personalization are long over. While using your customer’s name is always a good start, you have the data to move way past that. Now, you can give readers and customers far more targeted personalization in every email and SMS you send. 

So look for ways to incorporate multiple data sources to learn more about your customers beyond their names. Look at your information on their interests, likes, where they live, and past shopping and browse history and combine all of that to tell a better story. 

Then, use that information to generate emails and SMS messages that pull all that data together into hyper-personal messaging. Using that information and adding a Smart Banner™ into the mix, you can transform a standard abandoned cart message into something that’s deeply personalized to the reader and drives conversion.

Match the message to the customer

Have you ever gotten an email from a brand that just happens to be exactly what you need at that moment? It’s not by accident. It’s a great example of effectively using data to meet customers where they are

As brands begin to pivot from talking at customers to engaging in a two-way conversation with them, meeting your customers where they are and matching your message to their needs is more important than ever. 

image showing an email and text message the compliment each other

Tapping into your customer data and combining it with SMS is a great way to do this. Now, you can send hyper-personalized text messages that include images, personalized links, and animations. And combining the powers of SMS and email means you never have a shortage of personalized messaging.

Embrace creativity

Data doesn’t just have to be about the numbers. Where’s the fun in that? Instead, use that information and combine it with automation to help drive your creativity in reaching your customers and connecting with them. 

This is another reason why synchronizing your marketing across channels can open a world of opportunities to meet your customers. We know consumers have different channel preferences, but a consistent experience across your outreach gives them more opportunities to engage with you on their terms.

Smart Banners™, Smart Blocks™, and SMS make it much easier to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips. Where personalization and 1:1 communication at scale were complex before, now it’s easier than ever. And with dozens of templates to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild — there are blocks and banners for your most critical customer needs.

Ready to do more with your data?

We shared a few tips here. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our recent webinar, 5 Creative Ways To Activate Your Data for Improving SMS and Email ROI.

In it, you’ll learn some smart (and surprisingly easy) ways to turn your data into an engine that can improve your customer experience and drive revenue. 

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