How To Use Yotpo Reviews In Email

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Ratings and reviews have been a part of our lives for a while now (thanks, Amazon!) and while they can be useful tools on websites as social proof, you probably haven’t thought about bringing them into your emails in any appreciable way. To be fair, ESP’s haven’t given you a great way to use real-time ratings and reviews in email. Luckily, Zembula is here to help! If you’re using Yotpo for your ratings and reviews, we have great news for you. Zembula makes it easy to incorporate them into your marketing emails, and have them update in real-time! Below, we’ll outline a little bit about how to do it.

Utilizing Zembula’s real-time platform means that every single time an email is opened with our live images inside it, the information you’ve included updates to the most recent version of that information. For instance, if you include a content block with Yotpo ratings for your newest product, every time that email is opened your audience can see the latest updates to those ratings! 

Zembula hospitality reviews email mock up

Zembula is so easy to use. Simply connect your Yotpo account, design your content block in our handy editor, drop the copy-and-paste code snippet into your email template, and you’re done! The best part is that you can update your content blocks within Zembula’s editor itself; you never have to touch the code in your email template again! 

We make it easy to utilize all your user-generated content from Yotpo and give you full control of how you use it and how it looks inside your email template. You can quickly and simply pull in any combination of ratings and review quotes about your products, and you never have to touch the code again once it’s in your email template. How’s that for ease of use?

ratings and reviews email

If you’re excited by the prospect of fulfilling your marketing goals quickly and easily with Yotpo reviews in email, simply schedule a time to chat with one of our email gurus. We’ll help you achieve whatever marketing goals you have in mind!

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