How to Use Interactivity in Your Exit-Intent Campaigns

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Interactive content is all the rage in the marketing world, and for good reason! Utilizing interactive content in your marketing campaigns can boost your return on investment in a huge way. For example, email capture marketing campaigns with a layer of interactivity saw 22x more conversions than static email capture campaigns.

To really watch your email list grow, combine interactivity with an exit-intent trigger. Exit-intent campaigns are campaigns that appear at the exact moment your user is planning to abandon your website. While traditional pop-ups can be annoying and get in the way of a positive user-experience, exit-intent overlays are the perfect option because the user is planning to abandon your website anyway. A last-ditch effort with a dash of interactivity is the perfect secret weapon to re-engage the user with your content before they leave.

On any given day, 70% of the users to your website leave and never come back! Exit-intent campaigns are perfect for capturing those potential customers before they leave. In fact, exit-intent campaigns with interactive content can help boost your revenue up to 40%. That makes a huge difference for your brand’s bottom line! So how does interactivity re-engage users exactly?

Well, interactive content is such a powerful tool for email capture campaigns because it functions on some marketing psychology principles that all but guarantee success. By allowing your visitor to interact with your marketing message, you’re inviting them to take ownership and invest in your brand. If you’re able to pique their curiosity, and then use interactivity to satiate that curiosity, you’re able to stimulate the same areas of the brain related with memory creation which ensures your message stays top of mind.

Interactivity with platforms like Zembula allows you to serve your customers an ever-rotating set of experiences in your exit-intent campaigns and other marketing strategies from email to landing pages. Ensuring they never get bored by rotating interactive experiences provides an entertainment factor to your marketing efforts. Mix things up by offering a piece of trivia, a product release or a contest. No matter what campaign strategy you choose, when your customers interact they invest and assign value to your messages.

Allowing the reader to invest in your message or brand is the most important part of your customer acquisition strategy. Interactive content like exit-intent experiences is unbeatable at building customer-brand relationships. Once a reader is invested in your message, they’re more likely to share their personal information like an email address with you, allowing you to establish ongoing contact and further the customer’s brand trust. Customer acquisition is all about getting that foot in the door, and interactive exit-intent experiences are tailor-made for boosting your email list.

Exit-intent experiences from Zembula work in any browser from Safari to Chrome and are easy to personalize every step of the way. By functioning on a set of dependable exit-intent triggers, you’re able to deliver your campaign at just the right moment, and features like personalization and sweepstakes abilities give you a never-ending set of campaigns to choose from. By allowing you to easily rotate experiences, Zembula ensures your clients never see the same campaign twice, keeping them engaged with fresh content each time they visit.

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