How To Use Interactive Content: 4 Ready To Use Ideas

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 Think about the last communication you received from a business that really excited you. What made it interesting? Chances are, you had a hard time thinking of an example. With the torrent of similarly worded and designed campaigns in today’s marketing economy, customers often feel a sense of content fatigue. This takes the excitement out of receiving information or exclusive offers from the businesses we love. So how do you break through the clutter to effectively grow customer engagement and revenue streams?

Zembula allows you to build and analyze campaigns that utilize interactive content and reveal marketing; both of which are versatile tools, rooted in proven psychological principles, and can be applied to a multitude of use cases spanning various industries. Let’s examine some of the pain points where reveal marketing can provide businesses of many types with relief and explain how to use interactive content.

Reactivating a Lapsed Subscription Customer:

A subscription based business, like Netflix*, can utilize the psychological principle of perceived value, better known as The Ikea Effect, to enhance a customer’s value assessment of their service and entice the consumer to reactivate a lapsed subscription.

Why it works:

  • When a recipient of a message or offer is required to act, they place a higher evaluation on the communication they receive, overvaluing items requiring effort by as much as 62%.
  • Using reveal marketing to extend an offer for a continued free trial or discounted reactivation rate requires consumers to re-evaluate the benefit the service or subscription adds to their lives.

How to do it:
Use action words in your subject lines and craft motivating CTAs that will drive consumers to interact with your brands.

Sample Subject Lines: Stay and get it for free! Get your favorite shows for free. Keep watching your favorites for less. Stream more. Pay less.
Sample CTAs: Continue your free trial. Start streaming. Get 20% off. Activate your savings



Enticing a Retail Customer to Purchase Abandoned Cart Items

Retail businesses like Nordstrom*, can leverage the psychological principle known as the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) by using reveal marketing to motivate their customer to make an abandoned cart purchase.

Why it works:

  • 70% of all adults in developed as well as developing countries experience FOMO to various degrees. 
  • When customers fear that they may miss out on an item, they are more likely to pull the trigger on the purchases they’d been considering.

How to do it:
Craft reveal marketing communications that offer the consumer discounted or free shipping or inform them of a time limit on their cart items to motivate them to act.  Use words that trigger FOMO in your subject lines and CTAs that entice your consumers to buy abandoned product.

Sample Subject Lines: Your cart is expiring. If you miss this you’ll be sorry. Supplies are dwindling. Did you leave something?
Sample CTAs: Get it before it is gone. Don’t miss out. Snag it before someone else does. Finish checkout.



Acquiring a New Business Client by Informing Them About your Service

Hubspot*, and other B2B companies that have longer lead lifecycles and more complex marketing and sales funnels than most, can consider the psychological principle of Curiosity when attempting to convert prospects into successful sales by way of content marketing.

Why it works:

  • When a customer’s curiosity is induced, the region of the brain linked with arousal is activated, while the satiation of curiosity is strongly associated with brain regions related to memory.
  • Curiosity is a powerful driver of human behavior and translates well into most marketing campaigns.

How to do it:
Use curiosity to prompt leads to download content like an industry whitepaper by crafting intriguing headlines and reiterating the value of the information you are offering with strong CTAs.

Sample Subject Lines: Guess what we learned. What you don’t know that you need to know. You won’t believe what we have been working on. Our latest findings might shock you.
Sample CTAs: Enhance your knowledge. Become a better marketer. Stay in the know See what we found



Enhance Customer Loyalty by Informing Them of a Project or Product Launch

Hospitality or restaurant groups, like Nobu Restaurants*, can use reveal marketing to leverage the The Endowment Effect and increase a customer’s sense of ownership over their communication, as well as the recipient’s loyalty to their brand.

Why it works:

  • A paper by Professor of Marketing Gail Tom demonstrated that the Endowment Effect is higher for goods and services that are related to one’s perception of self.
  • Offering newsletter subscribers the first chance at advanced reservations to a restaurant launch, can strengthen a customer’s sense of ownership and stake in the new eatery’s success.

How to do it:
Let the customer know in your subject line that the offer you’re extending is unique to them and write CTAs that drive home that message of exclusivity to grow customer engagement and loyalty. This is major for your bottom line. If you can grow loyalty, you can increase your customer lifetime value.

Sample Subject Lines: We want you to see our new kitchen first! Hey VIP, you get the first bite. We’re opening our doors early just for you.
Sample CTAs: Cut the line. Get the first bite. See it first.



Now that you know a few ways to utilize interactive content and reveal marketing, you might be feeling inspired to build your own campaigns!

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