How To Use Data To Personalize Loyalty Emails

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Every brand wants a boatload of loyal customers. 

It’s pretty obvious why. Loyal customers tend to buy more often and spend more on those orders. 

That’s all good news. 

Now you can improve those numbers by taking things one step further and using a loyalty program. 

study from Adobe shows that those shoppers who are in the top 10% of your customer base generate three to seven times more revenue per visit than first-time shoppers, and they are also more likely to buy from you again with every purchase.

Clearly, those numbers can add up to some significant improvements in sales and revenue. So, you want to capitalize on customer loyalty.

How do you do that?

Through emails, of course. Did you expect us to say anything else?

Here, we’re going to show you how you can tap into your existing data to personalize loyalty emails. 

It’s never too late to personalize

If you aren’t already personalizing your emails, then it’s time to start. Like, today. 

The fact of the matter is customers are demanding personalization. And personalized emails have better rates of open, click, and conversion when compared to emails that aren’t personalized. 

The good news is it’s easy to start personalizing beyond just “Hey, [Name],” as a greeting. 

You have all sorts of places where you can pull your data to better understand not only basic information about your customers, like where they live but also how they behave too. Buyer behavior can tell you a ton about what really speaks to your customers and what drives them to take action. 

What you want to do is use the data that’s sitting right at your fingertips to craft killer personalized loyalty emails that engage them and get them to buy. 

Here’s where you can look for the data you need. 

Customer relationship management tools

Pretty much every business out there today is using some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) tool. These tools are awesome because they offer you the opportunity to collect quite a bit of information about your customers beyond the basics, like their name and email address. 

First, you can dig into the customer’s past behavior on your site. It can provide a treasure trove of great information you can use to personalize your loyalty emails. 

For example, you can send out an email like this:

This email highlights the customer’s points. It also takes things a step further and encourages readers to cash in those points and use them to buy an airline ticket. 

Just a gentle prodding like this can end up converting more customers resulting in a boost to the bottom line. 

Digging into the information in CRM systems can give you all sorts of places to start personalizing your emails. That includes not only past purchases but also customer demographics too. 

Product suggestions

One area of your CRM that you might want to dig into is past purchases. You can use this information to fire off personalized loyalty emails that highlight the products they’ve used and loved previously. 

A cool way to do this is look and see the average amount of time a person might use a product. For example, if you run a skincare company, you might know that the average person goes through a specific moisturizer in six months. 

From there, you can craft an email that has copy highlighting that information. Then send it to that portion of your list who have bought the product within the last few months. You can highlight your loyalty program by showing how many ‘points’ they can get by re-purchasing or offering exclusive ‘double points deals’ on specific products.

Abandoned carts can also offer lots of good information on what customers are thinking about buying too.

Loyalty management programs

If you already have a loyalty program in place, you might be using a loyalty management tool or program. This tool is another place where you can grab relevant data. 

One great way to personalize a loyalty email is to look at where customers are in your program. You can automate your loyalty emails to go out when customers hit a particular milestone or use spending threshold numbers to welcome customers to a loyalty program too.

Here’s another example. You can use data as simple as your customer’s zip code to send them exclusive loyalty or VIP perks for local stores in their area. 

Get started today

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can start pulling data and use it to help personalize loyalty emails. 

Adding just a little bit of personalization can go a long way to increasing your bottom line and creating even more happy customers. What brand wouldn’t love to see that?

Want to see how we can help? We’d love to work with you. 

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