How to Use Data to Make Your Content Better (and More Personalized)

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One of the biggest challenges email marketers face is how to best use the data they have on hand. With so much information on customers, it can be hard to spot the signal in the noise and find effective ways to use it and see real measurable results. 

Rather than get too caught up in using data to chase stats, keep it simple. Focus on clicks and conversions. By doing that, you want to look at what drives your customers to take action and engage with your emails. 

A common answer? Personalization. 

Customers who get personalized emails are more likely to open, engage with them, and take action. So, it’s an area where you want to put a lot of focus. The good news is data can help you do that. 

Here are some ways you can start tapping into your data to offer more personalization and a better overall customer experience. 

Data helps with image personalization

Customer experience is one of the most important factors for marketers today. 

A great experience can mean a long-term relationship with a customer, while a mediocre one will send them running right into the arms of your competition. Unfortunately, you don’t get many chances. If you aren’t engaging your customers from the very first interaction, you risk losing them. 

That’s why image personalization is so critical. It’s a fantastic way to use the data you have to give your customers something other brands aren’t, content that matters specifically to them. 

Here are a few examples of how you can use the data you have to offer more personalized email experiences. 

Create personalized smart banners

Zembula’s Smart Banners allow you to create personalized content, news, and updates and deliver it directly to your customers. They’ll get all the recent information they need whenever they get an email from you. 

Zembula smart block with various data sources

The smart banner above is a perfect example of using data for image personalization in action. You can pull in tons of data from your CRM, eCommerce, and loyalty tools to give your reader a hyper-personalized experience. 

The customer sees animations, which draws the eye, plus multiple levels of additional personalization, including:

  • Customer name
  • Recently updated loyalty points
  • A personalized special promotion
  • A personalized call to action button

That’s a ton of personalization in a very small section of email real estate. Now, think of what you can do with the data you have! There are all sorts of different combinations you can use to make your emails stand out with a personalized Smart Banner.

Make personalized emails kinetic

If you want to use your data to create even more compelling personalized content, make your emails kinetic. With dynamic content, you can change and update the information and offers in your emails to add multiple levels of personalization.

Check out the example email above. The Smart Block has multiple levels and options for personalization, each of which can get updated dynamically based on customer data. 

Your customer can get an email that only promotes the products related to what they’ve already bought or are interested in. As they change their shopping experiences and you get more data, you can easily update the products in the email based on that data.

Ratings and reviews are another features that adds personalization too. Seeing five-star reviews tied to specific products is invaluable social proof. It that helps consumers build trust in your brand and makes them more likely to shop.

Focus on adding more personalization

You’re never going to go wrong using your data to provide a more personalized email experience. Customers want and expect personalized content in everything they get. So when you’re able to deliver, it makes a positive impact. 

Interested in learning more about how personalized emails, especially image personalization, can make a difference for your brand? Get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your needs and how we can help. 

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