How To Use Animation And Personalization To Delight And Engage

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Ah, 2020. The year of online shopping. We might as well call it the year of the crowded inbox! Every retailer is vying for your attention, with 306.4 billion emails being sent every day (Techjury). There’s a great reason for all that clutter, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 38x ROI, making it one of the most effective options available (Hubspot).

You need more engagement than ever on your emails to make that ROI attainable though, and with the overwhelming amount of competition, what’s a retailer to do? There are two big ways to gain more email engagement: personalization and animation! Let’s unpack these and see how they really work to make your emails more effective.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. Think about that for a second. Just adding in simple personalization tokens makes a huge difference! But this goes way beyond just a name in the subject line. Machine-learning (or AI-powered) personalization has a 3x engagement rate. That’s huge! Personalized 1:1 sales messaging nets you a 6x increase in sales, and segmenting your audience increases your conversion rate 2x. 

Personalization can obviously really help power up your email marketing. But what’s the next step? What are your buyers really expecting from you? This is where animation comes in. Everyone is using GIFs in email, and for good reason: it provides relevancy and context to your messaging.  This kind of animation can increase your CTR 26-30%, and with that your revenue by 109%. These are some impressive numbers! But what if you could take it even a step further?

Personalized animation, real-time and 1:1, is the natural evolution of animation. Unfortunately, up until now it was prohibitively expensive or time-consuming to create and didn’t work most of the time. Zembula has fixed all of that, with real-time animation that is fast, easy, and most importantly, enhances personalization efforts and creates a true 1-1 feel in your emails. Think about this: what if you opened an email from your favorite hotel group, and at the top was your name and how many loyalty points you had? And every time you opened that email, you would be looking at the very latest data? 

Zembula Loyalty Email

The best part about Zembula? The many unique ways you can use us. Need to generate unique codes for loyalty or coupon redemption? We’ve got you covered. Want to base location data off of zip code instead of IP address? As long as you have the zip code, we can make it happen. Zembula isn’t an email service provider; we work with your current ESP to make your emails even better, more engaging, and ultimately more profitable for you. Want to know more about what we do? Just schedule a chat with one of our experts!

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