How to Step Up Your Post Holiday Emails

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You wake up in January and, whew. The holiday season is over. Your holiday email marketing plan did well, customers converted, revenue increased, your job is done. 

Time for a vacation. 

Well, almost time. What about those post-holiday emails? Sure, there’s no doubt that most brands’ generate a significant chunky of their yearly revenue during the holiday season. But it shouldn’t end there.

The goals of any company are twofold: getting customers is one part, retaining customers is the other. So, now that you’ve got part one done, it’s time to focus on part two.

Here’s why.

Repeat customers are key

There’s a good chance you saw a nice bump in your subscriber count during the holiday season. New subscribers may have joined, but you don’t want to ignore them even if they didn’t end up buying. 

Instead, continue to focus on engagement. Right now is the very start of, hopefully, a long-term relationship with your new subscribers. Don’t waste the opportunity to make a great first impression. 

Plus, we all know the stats. It’s much easier to get someone who has already bought to buy again than convert a new customer. Repeat customers are easier to sell to, and when they buy, they buy more often with a larger average spend compared to new customers. 

That’s why it’s so important to find ways to focus on keeping the conversation going and improving your retention rates. You might find yourself in an even better position for the holiday season next year when you do that.

Convert one time shoppers into loyal customers

As soon as someone buys from you, it’s the end of one chapter but the start of the next in your relationship. Your job after buying isn’t done. If anything, this is where you really want to step it up and offer an outstanding customer experience

Here are a few suggestions:

Start with their first purchase

During the holiday shopping season, customers are stressed, especially about shipping. So make sure you always let your customer know their shipping information.


With Smart Banners, you can help them know exactly where their package is since they’ll have that information at the top of every email.

Ask for product reviews

User-generated content, especially product reviews, is such an essential tool for any brand. Customers may not trust what you have to say about a product, but they absolutely will trust other shoppers’ opinions. Not to mention, over 90% of consumers look up reviews before buying. 

Don’t ignore any opportunity to get honest ratings and reviews for your brand. A post-sale email is a perfect way to start talking to your new customers and showing you care by asking for their feedback.

Create a welcome campaign

A new customer who buys during the holiday might not know much of anything about your brand. It could be as simple as they saw a low price and jumped at taking it. 

Instead of hoping your new customers learn about your brand and start engaging with it, re-introduce yourself. Create a new shorter welcome campaign that covers the basics of what they need to know about your brand.

Learn what they like

A big path to success for getting repeat customers is to send them personalized emails, including content, reminders, and product recommendations. But that’s hard to do when you don’t know much of anything about them. 

What is your favorite summer activity

So, look at the data. And if you don’t have any right now, it never hurts to ask. Use dynamic emails to send live polls or surveys to your customers, ask them questions, see what they respond to. Then use all of that info to send hyper-personalized content that drives them to take action.

Promote your loyalty program

If you have a loyalty program, promote it to your new customers. For example, add information about it in your welcome campaign, so they know it exists and how they can benefit from being a member. 

Also, it never hurts to add in a gift. Offering new customers points, discounts on their next purchase, or free shipping can go a long way. Getting new buyers into your loyalty program is a great way to help keep them interested in your brand over the long term.

It’s great to prepare for your new customers, but that also means keeping them top of mind once the holiday season ends. 

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