How To Start SMS Marketing

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As the saying goes, there’s nothing to it but to do it.

That’s the case when it comes to SMS Marketing.

And Zembula makes getting started about as easy as it gets.

But the real key beyond how to start SMS marketing is how to do SMS marketing right. And that’s where having Zembula in your corner can pay massive dividends. 

See, there’s generic SMS marketing, and then there’s deeply personalized hyper-effective SMS marketing. Which one are you interested in?

Why You Need SMS in Your Marketing Mix

Let’s face it: We all look at our phones more than just about anything else. All of us. So, go reach your customers where they are — on their phones.

Sending content, updates, and offers via text is another form of personalized marketing that you can use in conjunction with email and social media.

One great advantage of SMS marketing is that it’s a channel you own. You don’t need to worry about the decisions or ownership changes of a social media brand that could adjust platform rules or algorithms.

With text, you can have a much more direct reach to your customer. Create the content you want and then decide when to send your messages.

And because it’s on the phone, SMS marketing offers the quickest avenue for customer impact.

With Zembula, you can use your data to create sophisticated, personalized, and even animated SMS messages.

Start Sending Personalized, Animated Texts

Wow your recipients with personalized, animated texts. It makes your messages come to life. Animation helps tell a story that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. It should be an important part of your SMS marketing strategy.

But it sounds like it must be difficult, right?

Well, no, getting started is easy.

Zembula makes it easy for you to add personalized animation to your existing SMS campaign or to spin up a new one. We have proprietary, industry-leading solutions that make sending engaging SMS content simple.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you can start sending deeply personalized messages that can transform your business.

Identifying Opportunities To Use SMS

There are multiple ways that you can use personalized text messaging to your advantage. Here are just five common scenarios that might get you thinking about getting started.

  • Personalized promotions. Achieve deep personalization by combining your data with your SMS strategy. Take something like browser history or cart abandonment data and combine that with a deeply personalized message that highlights a specific product that you know that the consumer is considering.
  • Loyalty participation. Personalized SMS gives you another avenue to allow your best customers to take advantage of their loyalty status. Send personalized updates, special offers, program benefits, and enrollment opportunities.
  • Abandoned cart. There’s so much potential related to abandoned cart data. SMS gives you an elevated opportunity to engage more effectively.
  • Post purchase. Tailor your content to the customer’s order or status. Things like asking for a review. Or instructions about the product they just purchased.
  • Shipment tracking. Maybe you’re already using SMS to alert customers to the status of their orders. But if you add personalized animation to the mix, you can turn this into a sales opportunity.

Start Your SMS Marketing Strategy With Zembula

If you’re into creative, effective marketing that doesn’t have to break the bank or require an unbelievable amount of time, we think Zembula is for you.

We’ve got efficient, cost-effective solutions to help you stand out. Not only is it easy to get started with sending text messages, but it’s easy to start sending text messages that will inspire consumer action.

Start sending personalized, animated messages in no time at all. We can help you harness the data you’re already collecting to far greater effect.

Learn more with a Zembula demo.

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