How to Make Your Loyalty Emails Stand Out

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Let’s face it; your customers are busy. Life is happening. They’ve got jobs, family, friends, and probably a pet or two to worry about every day. Then, on top of that, add an inbox just filled with emails they don’t really want and never open. 

That makes it pretty hard to be an email marketer today. When you’re trying to expand your loyalty program, you’re competing against more than other brands; you also have to deal with your customer’s attention. 

Most of the time, winning one of those battles doesn’t cut it. You have to beat your competition and get your customer to notice you in a crowded inbox.

How do you get your loyalty emails to stand out from the crowd?

Keep reading.

Make it easy to join

First things first, if you want people to get excited about your loyalty program, you need to make it really easy for them to become members. 

When you send out your very first welcome email, for any campaign, make sure you talk about the loyalty program in there. Tell your readers about it, give them a reason to join, and make it easy for them to do so. 

Then, when you send out your loyalty program welcome email, you can include easy to understand language or killer graphics that walk people through exactly what they’re going to get as a member.

Embrace personalization

You should know this by now, and you definitely know if if you’ve been reading this blog for a while; personalization matters. So, use it every chance you get, including in your loyalty emails.

The great thing about having loyalty program members is you can access all sorts of data on them. You can see what they buy, when they’re buying it, where they live, what they’ve thought about buying, and if you have browser tracking data, what products they’ve checked out online.

That’s a treasure trove of information that you can use to go personal in every loyalty email you send. And as a big bonus, consumers love getting these sort of emails. They want emails that are personalized and specifically tailored to them.

So, you can (and should) send out emails that pull in the data you have on your program members. Send emails that tie their points or miles to a product they have sitting in their shopping cart. 

Use your emails to let them know they have enough points to book a trip or buy something they’ve already browsed. When you tap into the data you already have, you can come up with some really cool ideas to stay top of mind.

Stay in touch

Speaking of staying top of mind. To do that, you need to stay in touch. Way too many brands fire off one welcome to our loyalty program email and then disappear, never to be heard from again. 

That is not a great way to build loyalty. Instead, send more emails. If you think your customers are going to be annoyed by that, remember the tip above. If the emails consumers get are relevant to their interests and personalized to their needs, then they are happy to hear from brands.

Embrace that opening and create more loyalty program emails that you can send out. Some examples include points updates, when new tiers are reached, and when customers have enough points to cash in for something cool. 

For each of those emails, your customers are getting information specific to them and their interests. So, email away.

Surprise and delight

Who doesn’t love getting something nice in their inbox? Surprising and delighting your customers with special offers, sales, deals, and gifts doesn’t take much effort on your end but makes a big impact for them.

You don’t even need to give something away per se, all it takes it is giving them good, personalized information.

Even something as basic as a personalized email that reminds a program member of something coming up can still have a subtle positive impact on your customer.

With loyalty programs, you already have a ton of flexibility in what you can offer to your customers. Don’t be afraid to fire off an email every few months that gives them a 100 point boost or free shipping on their next purchase, even if they aren’t at that particular tier.

And for their birthday or anniversary of signup, you can go even further and really wow your customers.

You have plenty of options right at your fingertips. Get creative and look for ways to make your loyalty emails jump out of the inbox. Your customers will love it.

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