How to add more real-time personalization to your emails

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Marketers are always looking for ways to add more personalization to emails. Now, you need to go beyond the simple stuff like personalized subject lines and names. You need to pull in data to get more personalized and show that to your readers. 

In the past, that’s been somewhat difficult. But, it’s getting easier to find ways to incorporate the data you can pull from your marketing stack into your emails. 

The Zembula platform helps. You can get data from your ESP, customer relationship management system, loyalty program, eCommerce platform, and browser data to get a complete picture of how your customer behaves and what interests them.

From there, you can incorporate that information into email campaigns. It ensures readers consistently get personalized content, regardless of what type of email you’re sending. 

Here are a few ways to start adding more personalization to your emails


Want to really attract the attention of your readers? Try adding personalized animations to your emails. If you think it sounds pretty cool, it is!

Check out the example below to see it in action.

This email is announcing a product launch. Normally, the goal of these types of emails is to get some hype going and collect some of those pre-orders. 

You can level up something as simple as this with a personalized animation. Your reader’s name animated in the email is going to attract their attention. With a few snippets of code in your email template, you can animate everything from reader’s names to coupon codes, flash sales, shipping updates, abandoned carts, and more.


Another way to get personal with your customers is by tying in products to reviews. Look at your customer’s buying and browsing behavior, which can tell you quite a bit about what interests them. 

When you see what they’ve bought and items they’ve lingered on or even put in their carts, you can use that data to entice them even more. Send them an email highlighting specific products they’ve already looked at based on their shopping data. Then, to make it even more personalized, add in user-generated ratings and reviews for that specific product. 

This is just one example where using behavioral data to show consumers what they want can subtly influence their actions, making them more likely to purchase.


Keep in touch with your readers by keeping them informed. With real-time notifications, you can transform any email from something generic to one that’s personalized. 

Add notification bars to:

  • give your readers updates about your brand
  • share big news
  • let readers know about product launches
  • promote flash sales
  • highlight loyalty points
  • notify customers about abandoned carts
  • update customers about package tracking 

And that list is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Use real-time notification bars with animations to add another dimension of personalization. You can include customer’s names, just like in the above example, to stand out.


People pay attention to what’s happening at home. That’s true for life and for emails too. So why not capitalize on location data as another way to help personalize your emails and attract your customers’ attention?

With real-time customer location information, you can. 

Opening a zembula email in two different locations

Imagine sending your customer an email enticing them to come into your store and get a free treat or a time-sensitive coupon. Now, what happens if they change locations. Is your email pointless?

Nope! When you use real-time location-based email, the content of your email will update automatically to the store closest to where your customer is when they open the email. That means they aren’t going to miss out on those deals if they’re in a new area where you have a store. 

With location-based emails, you’ll always have a way to stay in touch with your reader.

Add more personalization

Don’t sleep on personalization in email. It’s an easy way to give your customers what they want and stand out from your competition. 

Finding unique ways to speak to your customers and offer them personalized information based on data can build trust and generate a long-term relationship. 

Give it a try today. Contact us to learn how you can start adding more personalized real-time content to your emails.

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