How Smart Banners™ Help You Personalize Surprise and Delight Emails

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Suprise and delight. It’s been a marketing pillar for a while and is even more critical when you want to consider the customer experience. 

As it gets harder to stand out, you’ve got to figure out new solutions to grab customers’ attention and build trust so they keep shopping with you instead of others. 

Surprising and delighting your customers is one way to do that. But, it should go beyond a generic blast email with a coupon. Instead, you will get a lot more traction if you add personalization to your surprise and delight emails.

Here’s how to do it.

Plan ahead and gather data now

The best way to create personalized content and messaging for your customers is to gather information about them. Sure, you’ve got a lot of data at your fingertips through your CRM, ESP, and the rest of the alphabet soup of tools you use. 

But, take it a step further — ask them! 

dynamic welcome email

Use dynamic emails, like in your welcome sequence, to learn more about your customer’s interests so you can develop profiles. Then, surprise and delight specific segments based on their shared interests versus something generic.

Send recommendations and reminders

Speaking of data, look at your customer’s shopping history. See what they already love and find products related to those to recommend. Then, in your emails, include these products and, importantly, make it easy for your customer to buy. 

Order Replenishment Banner

You can use a similar tactic with reminders. If you know your customer bought something that has a refill or runs out after x months, use a Smart Banner™ to send them a personalized reminder that it’s time to get a replacement. 

Retail shops can do the same, reminding customers to schedule appointments for service. It’s a simple way to help your customers to keep you top of mind.

Reward your loyalty members

Keeping your loyalty program members can pay off in more ways than one, so this is a group you don’t want to ignore. Instead, surprise and delight them with added program discounts or benefits when they least expect it. 

There are plenty of options to choose from:

  • Have a loyalty members-only flash sale
  • Set a special loyalty members weekend event where they get double points for buying during that period
  • Give loyalty members free shipping for a special event
  • Let members cash in their points for double the rewards

And so on. You’ve got options, so you might as well use them. Getting your loyal customers excited to buy or get more points to use later is never a bad thing.

Product and price updates

Have you ever gotten an email where the retailer lets you know that an item you have in your cart is on sale? Now, imagine you can do that sort of personalization at scale. 

With Smart Banners™, you can. 

Browse Abandonment

Send emails that update customers on the products they’ve browsed or abandoned in their carts. Since every email updates at the moment of open, your customers will get the most up-to-date information on price and inventory.  

That will allow them to act quickly and not miss out on a hot deal or low stock. 

Sales and deals

No surprise and delight campaign can truly be complete without some sales and deals. These promotions can move the needle and get customers excited to buy. 

Here’s another area where Smart Banners™ can be a great tool to add more visibility and personalization to your sales and deals promotions. 

abandoned cart countdown circle

For example, use a banner to give customers a coupon code and add a little FOMO by timing the discount. Since Smart Banners™ have built-in CTAs, it helps drive your customer to take action. 

Plus, having a Smart Banner™ in the mix helps ensure your message gets seen more often. These banners will appear at the top of every email you send to the customers you choose. It’s the perfect backup to ensure vital info isn’t missed.

Add more personalization into the mix

Smart Banners™ can help you ensure every email you send has a personalized message. If you’re trying to boost your customer experience, that kind of consistent and meaningful individualized attention can’t be beaten. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch today. We’ll set up a demo, and you can see the benefits of the Zembula platform for yourself.

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