How Seasonal Brands Can Use Location Data To Personalize Emails

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A lot of brands out there are seasonal. While it poses a challenge to keep revenue coming in during the ups and downs of the year, it’s still possible to use email marketing to your advantage. 

The same is true for brands that aren’t exactly seasonal but have seasonal aspects to some of their services. 

The last thing you want to do is miss out on opportunities for your company to reach more customers and convince them to buy. That’s where email personalization comes into play. 

What you can do is look to one unique source of data to dig into personalization-where your customers live.

Here, we’re going to highlight a few ways seasonal brands can tap into location data and personalize emails. 

Seasonal marketing matters

Just because your business is seasonal, it doesn’t mean you should take off the rest of the year. In fact, it’s when your company is in the off-season that you want to put in the effort to stand out. 

There are a couple of reasons for that. 

First, you can use the off-season to build up your email list continuously. Why rely on your current customer list to buy when you can add hundreds or even thousands of people the rest of the year. 

Next, off-season email marketing helps to keep your company top of mind with your customers. If you’re a swimming pool company, your customers will expect to hear from you come March and April. But, if you are giving them special tips and info in December and January too, they are going to keep thinking about you year-round.

Finally, it helps your brand zig when your competition is zagging. Customers love getting information that is relevant to them. So providing that year-round means you’re already ahead of the game compared to your competition.

The power of location data

Beyond a name and email address, one of the easiest pieces of information you can get from your customers is their location data. 

In simplest terms, your customers’ (and readers’) zip codes can give you a lot of help when it comes to improving your email personalization. While it might not seem like a lot of data, you can actually glean quite a bit from zip codes and use it to your advantage. 

Segmenting your list by location can help you get both super personalized and hyper-local in your emails. These are two significant benefits because it allows you to create deals, content, and even special events that are tailored specifically to them. 

How to use seasonal marketing

Ok, now you know how crucial seasonal marketing is, now let’s put it to use with a few examples. 

Special events

Want to highlight a special occasion like a sale going on in one of your local stores? Use location data to promote it. 

In this example, a store can highlight seasonal sales. Your brand can feature when a new collection comes in or highlight an end of season special events. In these cases, because you’re only targeted specific stores, you can get hyper-targeted with your list. 


Another way seasonal brands can use location data to personalize emails is through reminders. Here’s a great way for your brand to stay top of mind. 

Your company can use an email like this to send out all sorts of reminders both in-and-off-season. Using the pool company example from above, send reminder emails that let people know when they need to treat their pool. 

Since you’ll have location data, you will know what the weather forecast is in these areas you can time your emails to hit at specific key points at the start of winter, mid-winter, and when it’s time to open pools again.

Offering deals

Why not capitalize on weather data to trigger a little bit of FOMO? Fear of missing out is a powerful tool marketers can use to get customers to buy.

With this email, you can tap into your weather information to offer special packages and deals. 

So for a spa that sees less traffic in the summer, why not ramp up your off-season email marketing campaigns and send off sales and package deals for spa treatments that can be used in those slower summer months to build up traffic?

Once again, here’s where you can use weather data to help come up with some creative emails to build up your list and customer base.

Embrace the data you have and use it

You’ve likely already have all sorts of data ready at your fingertips, especially location data. So use it to your advantage and start creating personalized email marketing campaigns. These could really make a huge impact on your off-season sales and revenue.

Not sure how to start using location data? All of this is already baked into the Zembula platform and we make personalizing your emails a breeze. Learn more here.