How Retailers Can Highlight Ratings and Reviews in Email

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Most retailers don’t just want customer reviews; they need them. Customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials can make all the difference when it comes to not only convincing consumers to buy but building trust too.

Not to mention, reviews matter to customers. Almost every consumer out there, yourself included, will look at reviews of products before they buy. When they see reviews from other people, it gives them a more balanced opinion of your brand. 

They will see the good and bad of products. They’ll see people who are just like them using your products to solve their problems. They’ll get honest thoughts and opinions. 

All of that is really powerful. It does more for your brand than a lot of advertising can ever do. So it’s critical for retailers to capitalize on reviews they have and use them to attract more customers. 

Here are some ways retailers can use ratings and reviews in email to enhance the buying process and encourage consumers to buy.

Pull reviews off your site and into your email

Adding ratings and reviews to your site is no problem. But, pulling them into emails has been a bit more difficult. However, the Zembula platform makes it really easy to use real-time ratings and reviews

With drag and drop templates, all you need is a snippet of code data. Add that to a content block, and you’ve got an automated pull of your latest ratings and reviews for products on your site. 

Check out the email above. You can pull in all sorts of different bits of information from your site into your emails. Here, you have the option to use star ratings combined with quote reviews. 

That combo can add more insight into your products for your customers. Sure, a five-star review looks great but knowing what it is about that product that deserved that high review can make a bigger impact. 

Use reviews to promote products

One of the best ways retailers can utilize ratings and reviews in emails is pairing them with a specific product. If you want to boost foot traffic and get your customers to come into your shop, excite them about a featured product. 

review content box

Feature the product and then go all-in on the reviews it’s generated through other customers. With the Zembula platform, you can feature all sorts of information, including star ratings, product qualities, images, and short or impactful reviews. 

All of that can combine to pack a powerful punch for your customers. Right from their email, they are going to get so much more than a star rating. They’ll feel like they have a really good idea of what your product is about. That can help entice them to keep clicking and buy.

Get questions answered

It’s not uncommon for consumers to have questions about products before they buy them. When you explore big websites, Amazon comes to mind; you’ll see entire sections of questions and answers before you get to the review section.

Pull this information right into your emails too. Take a look at the example below as a way to educate your customers about specific products. 

Having the ability to promote and answer common product questions can not only help your customers get more information, but it can help remove objections too. That can remove some of the barriers between your customer thinking about buying and actually making a purchase. 

Anything you can do to help move your customers through the buying process can benefit your bottom line. Making it easy to get all the information your customers need, right from their email, makes a huge difference. 

Don’t forget to ask for reviews

You might focus on the front end of reviews, highlighting them to your customers. But, don’t forget to get them on the back end too. Customers like seeing recent reviews, so you’ll always want to keep filling that well. 

Make asking for reviews part of your post-purchase process. Include asking for reviews in the emails you send to customers. And use those to keep refreshing your other campaigns with the latest and most up-to-date ratings and reviews.

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