How personalized animation can enhance your holiday email campaigns

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One of the biggest challenges today’s marketers face is how to stand out from the crowd. Consumers are savvy. They can sniff out a bad email from a mile away, and they’re buried under piles of emails every day. 

Think about your inbox. You probably get dozens of emails and newsletters every day. How many of them do you actually read, even if you signed up with the best of intentions? Chances are, most of them get archived or left sitting unopened until the end of time.

Now add in the holiday season, when email marketing ramps way up. Most retailers get about 20% of their yearly revenue during the holidays, which makes reaching out to customers more important than ever. 

What you need to do is make your emails stand out in a good way. You want to catch the attention of your readers and drive them to take action. That’s how your emails are going to stand out this holiday season

Now, here’s one way to do it.

The key to standing out

What do customers really want? That’s the age-old question. Getting inside your customer’s head isn’t always so easy, but we do know there’s one thing that’s really important to them, and that’s personalization. 

Consumers are hit with so much content today they only focus on and engage with what matters to them. Personalization is where you can stand out from the pack, especially during busy times of the year when they’re getting tons of emails. 

When your customer feels like every email they get from you is specifically crafted for them, it makes a huge difference. They’re no longer some nameless subscriber who is getting the same thing as everyone else. Instead, they are getting emails that seem like they’ve been created just for them.

Look at it from your customer’s perspective. When it comes time to pick a brand to buy from during the holiday season, it’s a much easier decision when they’ve been getting awesome personalized emails that feature the products and reviews they’re interested in versus something sent to an entire list.

As personalization has become more popular, you need to find more creative ways to use it. One approach is by adding more animated personalization to your emails. 

Personalized animation grabs attention

In today’s world, it’s all about attention. But you have less time than ever to get it. If you don’t catch the eyes of your reader within seconds, they’ve already moved on to the next thing (or distraction).

Here’s where personalized animation can make all the difference by bringing your emails to life. Not to mention, animation works too. Our search has shown that emails featuring personalized animation get a 30% lift in click-through rates and a 109% increase in revenue

Imagine those numbers during the holiday season, when you already depend on email to deliver. Just a modest increase in customer engagement and conversion can translate into a huge boost to your bottom line.

Integrate personalized animation into your holiday email campaigns. Use them for:

  • Grabbing attention right from the start with animated first names
  • Create special deals or coupons for readers based on segments and other customer data
  • Remind your customers they have left items in their cart
  • Add countdown timers to events or use them to promote holiday says and product launches
  • Keep your customers updated on their shipping tracking, key during the holiday season

What’s cool is personalized gifs can be incorporated into your emails in a variety of ways. Make the animation the star of the show by having it feature as the focus of your email.

Or use a smaller personalized notification banner. These sit at the top of any email and transforms even the most generic email into something that’s personalized to your customer. 

Starting to see the potential of personalized animation? Now, imagine the power it can have over your holiday campaigns. Since right now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday emails, don’t forget about integrating personalized animation into them.

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