How Personalization Can Help You Win Back Customers

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Personalized emails are what make impressions on today’s consumers. And that includes those consumers you think you’ve lost. Welcome them back more effectively with a targeted approach that gets results.

Here’s the bottom line: Customers respond when they feel like they’re being heard and understood. So, if you’ve let a few get away (called customer churn), the key to bringing them back is to establish that personalized connection.

Add a few kickers in the way of incentive and convenience, and you’ve got a personalization strategy that will deliver more transactions. And when you consider that most e-commerce businesses are doing well if 25-30% of their customers return, you’ll realize that if you can get just a fraction of the 75% who’ve left to come back, you’ve got an opportunity for significant growth.

Here’s how you do it:

Personalization: The Differentiator

The first rule of reversing customer churn is to re-establish trust. And the way to do that is with deep personalization.

Use their name.

Use customer browsing intent data to figure out what each specific customer looked at or left in their cart.

Offer them a deal. Now that you know what they’re interested in and you’re addressing them as an individual, give them some incentive to come back. Maybe it’s a percentage off an item you know they’ll like. Maybe it’s a personalized rating or review that shows what other consumers have had to say about the products they’re considering.


Add a call to action button and you’ve put together a pretty attractive and convenient way for a customer to come back to your site.

You’re probably saying something along the lines of, “sounds great, but how the heck am I supposed to do that for every customer that got away?” Well, what if we told you it was actually quite simple.

Smart Banners™ Give You a Set-It-And-Forget-It Option

With Zembula, you attach your data sources and add a snippet of code to your email template. After that, Zembula’s Dynamic Campaign Engine uses an AI tool to determine the best Smart Banner™ for that specific customer – and all within a fraction of a second. Smart Banners™ let you hyper-personalize your emails with 1:1 animations made from your own data.

So with barely any effort on your part, you can make it so that a strayed customer opens an email from you and they immediately see a banner that’s calling them by name and showing them something they like with an incentive to buy and maybe a touch of urgency.

That’s how you better engage and increase your conversion rate.

Getting Started Is Simple

You could unlock the potential to get on the good side of customer churn for a lot less than you might think. 1:1 impressions start at $0.50/CPM.

Remember, goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. With the right approach – with a personalized approach – you can get those who’ve gone astray back on your team.

It’s as simple as using a customer name, showing them something that they personally are interested in, and giving them some urgency and incentive to buy.

Smart banner

Zembula makes all of that easy. And getting started is fast.

Request a product demo to learn more.

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