How Marketers Can Spread News Faster With Email Notification Bars

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You are probably being affected by the recent pandemic, Covid-19. Whether you are sick, know someone who is, or even just had to cancel plans due to the spread of this illness, we’ve all had to adjust our daily lives a lot . It’s no different for us as marketers. Sure, we may be transitioning to a remote work environment for the foreseeable future, but many of us also have the responsibility of disseminating information to our customers or prospective customers, rapidly. 

Personally, I have seen the fallout of marketers trying to get information out about events that have been canceled. This is usually done by way of batch and blast email, plus a website announcement. But, in this time of worry, people are distracted. They might need more than one, or even two, reminders to catch on that canceling their hotel is a good idea. 

The best way to get information in front of the most people is using a notification bar inside your emails. This allows you to turn every regularly scheduled email into a reminder of what’s up. You’ll have the best chance of reaching as many people as possible before it’s too late. 

These notifications, while extremely useful for dire situations, don’t have to be solely reserved for catastrophe. You can use these notifications for happier things like abandoned carts, shipping updates and events that are going on as scheduled. 

For abandoned cart emails,you can turn all your regular marketing emails into a reminder that your customer left something in their cart last time they were on your site. The best part about this is that with Zembula, it will update each and every time your customer opens their email and will default to a 1×1 transparent pixel when there is nothing in their cart. 

Shipping update notifications can really help you cut down on WISMO calls. Every email your customer opens will have the last location of their parcel running across the top, if applicable. This also has some nice benefits for your open rates. Your customers will start to open your regular emails more when they know you are including their tracking updates in each email. Take advantage of more opportunities to market to your audience. 

Promote your next event automatically with scheduled notifications that update without you needing to lift a finger. Make sure to highlight deadlines for registration or hotel bookings! 

Getting information out to your audience can be challenging. Even if you do all the right things, you may be missing quite a few people. Your best bet is turning every message you send into a reminder with a notification bar. Zembula can help you create this type of email and much more. Check out what we have to offer.

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