How Email Personalization Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

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If there’s one thing consumers want, it’s personalization. Today’s buyers are savvy. They know marketers have piles of data at their fingertips and are willing to provide it — as long as it’s used properly.

That means taking that customer data and creating content, including email and SMS messages that speak to each reader individually. In the past, that’s been incredibly difficult for brands with larger email lists to pull off unless they were willing to spend hours tweaking code and endlessly segmenting lists.

Now, it’s much easier, thanks to the Zembula platform. It makes it simple to personalize at scale, turning every email into an individualized message. That’s helped the brands we’ve worked with improve clicks and conversions, boosting revenue by 10-17%.


If you don’t think personalization is that big of a deal, those numbers should catch your attention. Here’s why it matters. 

Make every message relevant

Relevancy is critical for marketing. If your customers don’t feel like the message you’re sending applies to them, they aren’t going to click. Do that enough, and you’re dramatically reducing your ability to connect with readers. 

And if you can’t get people to even open your emails, you’re dead in the water. Getting them back and avoiding being sent to the archives will become increasingly difficult.

The solution? Relevancy. 

If your goal is to stand out in a cluttered inbox, you need to send personalized emails that catch your subscriber’s attention and contain information that matters to them. 

Smart Banners™ provide the path to constant relevancy. Using these banners in your marketing mix means your readers will see a banner with personalized information in every email you send. From shipping tracking to loyalty points to abandoned cart updates, you can feel confident your readers will see personalized messages in every email.

Provide the most up-to-date personalization

Relevant emails are also those that are up-to-date. Today, things move fast. So if you send out messages with incorrect or outdated information, you’re in trouble. And it’s more complicated if that’s customer information you got wrong. 

Save yourself and your customer’s time (and energy) by relying on Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ instead. Here’s how to do it: inside the Zembula platform, pick your email templates, hook up your data sources, and then add a snippet of code to the email. From there, every time your reader matches the data parameters you set, they see up-to-date, personalized content in their emails.

It’s all done automatically — no pausing campaigns or messing with HTML. And, since our emails update at the moment of open, not the moment of send, your customers can trust they are getting the best info possible. That helps establish trust in your brand and make their customer experience a lot better.

Drive more engagement

Engagement is the name of the game today. With unreliable open rate data being the new normal, the metrics you can rely on are clicks and conversions. That means you need to think out of the box to get customers to take action. 

smart banner close

Instead, make it easy for them. 

That’s where Smart Banners™ can make a massive difference, especially on mobile devices. Data shows that the more customers have to scroll on their phones, the less likely they are to click. Smart Banners™ sit at the top of every email, with a strong call to action built into every template. 

Your customers are a click away from getting back into their shopping cart, downloading your app, signing up for your SMS list, or cashing in their loyalty points. The banners and blocks are designed with engagement in mind, personalized, and animated to catch customers’ attention and drive action. 

Do more with personalized Smart Banners™

Smart Banners™ have helped brands like Thrive Causemetics see a 10-17% lift in revenue in emails that displayed banners. If you want those kinds of results for your company, we can help. 

We’d love to learn more about your company and how Zembula can enable you to inject personalization into your email and SMS campaigns. 

Get in touch today, and one of our email experts will set you up with a demo.

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