How Email Helps eCommerce Brands Plan For Inventory Changes

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Inventory is the lifeblood of eCommerce brands. After all, a business’s success or failure often hinges on how inventory is managed long-term. 

You may struggle with cash flow if you have too much and can’t move it. But, on the other hand, if you blow out your goods too early during a promotion, you may frustrate customers who don’t want to wait around for restocking. Eventually, they’ll move on to another shop.

So, it’s a delicate balance. But with unpredictable inventory during the last few years, it’s hard to manage. Your stock can change weekly, never mind month to month. That means you need to have a way to communicate changes to customers effectively and at scale. 

Email is the answer. 

Proper planning is critical

Most sales promotions don’t develop on a whim; they are months in the making with lots of planning. Even flash sales aren’t thought up out of thin air. All of these sales and promotional events are part of an overall marketing strategy.

When you may only have one shot to capture a customer’s attention, missing out can impact their trust in your brand. Instead, find a way to keep your customers up-to-date on inventory so they can make educated buying decisions. Inventory management is important for eCommerce brands, so finding ways to manage it is critical.

coverting email to Smart Banners™

One way to help ensure your promotional emails are always getting seen is to use a Smart Banner™. These help transform your standard one-off promotional email into a message you can add to any email you send.

Optimize your promotional campaigns

The best eCommerce email marketers find ways to optimize their promotions and find that perfect balance between too much and not enough. Email marketing can help your brand do the same, especially Smart Banners™.

With Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™, you have a tool to keep your customers up-to-date constantly. You don’t need to rely on sending blast promotional emails or updates, hoping readers see them. 

Instead, it’s easy to alert your readers about changes to stock and pricing automatically. Then, when there are changes to your stock or inventory, Smart Banners™ and Blocks™ kick in and take care of the updates for you. That makes it easy to update at scale without needing to pause your campaigns or tweak your code. 

Offer more personalization 

Another feature of Smart Banners™ you can tap into to help manage your promotional and sales campaigns is personalization. Adding a personalized banner to every email you send helps your readers engage with your messaging and boosts conversions. 

Browse Abandonment

Part of the benefit of doing this is you can specifically target customers based on the promotions you’re running. For example, if you’re having a winter sale on hiking clothing, you can use a Smart Banner™ in a couple of ways:

  • Let your customers know you’re having a flash sale featuring winter products.
  • Tell your customers if prices on products they’ve browsed or put in their carts as part of the promotion are on sale. 
  • Guide your customers to related products they may also like to purchase based on their previous buying and browsing history.

This approach worked for Thrive Causemetics. They saw a 10-17% lift in revenue on promotional emails that featured personalized Smart Banners™. 

Use Smart Banners™ to improve your campaigns

If you want to optimize your inventory emails at scale without having to stop campaigns, fiddle with code, or run multiple A/B tests, Zembula can help. 

Our Smart Banners™ make it easy to get the most out of your email campaigns. Hook up your data sources, set your parameters, and add a snippet of code to your email templates; Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine takes care of the rest.

From there, your customers will get the Smart Banner™ messages that best match their needs and interests. Want to learn more about Smart Banners™ and how they can transform your emails?

Check out our Smart Banners™ playbook for marketers. Get your copy here.

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