How eCommerce brands can use real-time updates in email for more conversions

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Over the last decade or so, the growth of eCommerce has exploded. Now, virtually anyone from a soloprenuer in their garage to a mom and pop retail shop to a multi-national chain can sell items online.

That’s great for both you and consumers, if you do it correctly.

Here are a few key stats to keep in mind for eCommerce brands:

  • eCommerce sales are estimated to be nearly 20% of worldwide retail sales in 2021
  • 81% of customers research online before buying something
  • Over 80% of consumers trust the reviews of their family and friends over a business

Looking at this data shows a couple of key things. First, eCommerce is huge, and its potential hasn’t been fully realized yet. And second, being a source of trusted information is really important. The more of that you can provide to your customers, the better.

And then there’s this stat: 

Not even 2% of eCommerce website visitors convert into buyers.


A lot of brands see that number and get nervous. But, the reality is, that number represents a lot of opportunity for the brands that want to capitalize on it. Growing that conversion rate, even a fraction of a percent, can translate into a significant boost to your bottom line. 

Let’s look at a few key ways eCommerce brands can tap into real-time email updates and start getting more conversions.

Send personalized abandoned cart updates

There are plenty of reasons why a customer abandons their cart. These range from the checkout process is too complex to their phone rang, and they forgot to come back to your site.

What’s critical for you is you don’t think these people are lost causes. A well-done abandoned cart campaign can get customers back to your site and convert the purchase. 

It’s critical to follow up with your potential shoppers. While that feels obvious, it’s not as easy as it sounds. These campaigns are popular (for a good reason). You need yours to stand out. You can with personalized animated email updates.

The above is just one example of what you can do. With real-time email notifications, any email becomes an abandoned cart update

Create urgency with countdown timers

Another popular tactic many successful eCommerce brands use is special sales events of flash sales to create a little bit of urgency. The sense of FOMO that a customer could miss out if they don’t jump on a deal right now is a powerful psychological feeling.

That need can help drive them to take action, namely, complete a purchase they might have otherwise been on the fence about buying. 

Here’s one great example:

abandoned cart countdown circle

This real-time notification takes your abandoned cart update and goes one step further. It adds a sense of urgency by offering a special discount. But, the customer will only get that discount if they act fast.

Don’t underestimate the power of using countdown timers in your emails. Rather than just using a notification banner, add a countdown clock and FOMO in your full abandoned cart campaigns too. The personalized animations also help draw attention.

Include real-time ratings and reviews

You saw from the stat above that customers depend on social proof, in the form of user-generated ratings and reviews, to get a real sense of a product. In most cases, they aren’t going to rely on just what you have to say, so you need to highlight ratings and reviews in your campaigns.

With this email, you’re showcasing all sorts of interesting real-time animations, updates, and personalization, all in one place. 

The customer is going to see their name; that’s always a good start. Plus, a countdown timer is going to add that sense of urgency. They have only a small window of time to buy before the sale ends. Then, add in a five-star rating with a great review from a past customer. 

This sort of email can help drive action. We’ve seen personalized animation drive both click-through rates and revenue, and that’s exactly what eCommerce brands are looking for right now.

A generic sales email or abandoned cart update will grab attention, sure. But why not find ways to make your emails stand out even more? With real-time updates, you can. 

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