How Data Can Help You Personalize Abandoned Cart Emails

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Data is everywhere. 

And for marketers, understanding how to tap into available data can make or break your email campaigns. 

Savvy email marketing pros know just how important data is to identify and reach potential consumers. It goes beyond the typical email marketing metrics like open and click rates. 

Here, you want to see how different types of data can help you level up your emails in one big way.


Data can be a huge advantage when it comes time to personalize abandoned cart emails and really reach customers. 

Here are some places you can start looking for data. 

Marketing tools

The first place you want to look at your data is in your current marketing tools stack. 

Most brands, even small ones, will have some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) tool in place. Your CRM can be a super valuable source of information you can use to get all sorts of data on your readers and customers.

For example, beyond the general stuff like emails and names, you can also tap into your CRM to find the location of your customers and subscribers. 

Just this one piece of info, a zip code, can be super valuable because you can start personalizing based on geolocation. That means you can use a location to create personalized abandoned cart campaigns around local store deals, for example, that can urge shoppers to snag a special sale. 

The weather is an awesome personalization tool too. Knowing the weather where your potential customers live means you can tailor the copy and even recommended products or upsells to them. It takes things to hyper-personalization, which consumers love. 

Loyalty programs

Every business loves a loyal customer. That’s because loyal customers not only tend to be happy, but they also tend to buy more. Those are all good things. 

So, where can you pull from a pool of data on your local customers? Your loyalty or VIP programs.

Information you can glean from your loyalty programs can go a long way toward helping you create personalized abandoned cart emails. 

Here’s one way to do it. 

Use your customer’s loyalty data and include it as part of your emails. You can entice your consumers by highlighting that their loyalty points could go toward a discount, an additional product, a special offer, or even free shipping. 

Also, make sure you let your customers know that they can get more points or rewards by completing their purchases too. 

After all, a little extra sweetener never hurts.

Past purchases

So many brands spend a lot of time and energy on getting new customers. And while that is important, you don’t want to forget the customers that you already have. 

You can dip into your CRM or tracking tools to see what your customers have previously purchased. Then, when you send out the abandoned cart emails, you can use that data to personalize. 

Here’s an example. 

Your customer has left dog food in their cart. Since they have previously purchased from you, that means you have a leg up when it comes time to send off your abandoned cart email. 

At the bottom of your email include recommended products that are related to the customer’s past purchases to entice them to purchase a bit more. You could also offer a specific product-related discount based on a past purchase as well.

Personalization matters

Today, personalization is the name of the game. That’s what your customers want, so you need to include it in every single touch you have with your customers as they move through your funnel. And you can use data to personalize everything.

So don’t ignore an abandoned cart email. Just because it’s something that’s relatively short and simple, doesn’t mean you can pull in data to make it power packed with personalization. 

Remember, while the vast majority of people who visit your site will abandon their cart (research has it upwards of 75%), a majority of those people plan to come back. 

Some will return to you on their own, but many people will need a nudge. Having a great abandoned cart email series that is targeted, specific, and personalized is the perfect way to tilt those numbers in your favor. 

After all, even a lift of just a few percent in completed purchases can translate into big gains for your bottom line. 

Ready to start using more data in yoru abandoned cart emails? Check out our new abandoned cart notification feature!

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