Grow Your High-Value B2B Relationships by Adding Ratings and Reviews to Your Concep Email Campaigns

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Getting new B2B leads and nurturing them long enough until they are ready to become clients is one of the most prominent challenges B2B marketers face. It’s usually due to B2B marketing not being transaction-focused but rather relationship-focused. To see success, you need to build a strong relationship first before your high-value clients start working with you. 

Concep is a marketing suite focused on helping you start, maintain, and nurture your high-value relationships with potential clients. It does this by helping you make sure every communication you have with your leads is relevant to them. 

Zembula adds to your ability to send relevant content in your email campaigns by giving you additional tools to help you stand out in your lead’s inbox and grab their attention.


Ratings and Reviews Are the Most Effective Way to Leverage Social Proof

As humans, we can’t help but pay attention to what others have to say about something that interests us. It’s a social behavior built into all of us. It’s one of the reasons why social media has become such a big part of our lives and also the reason why user-generated ratings and reviews are so powerful. 

Ratings and reviews are a highly effective way to leverage social proof and engage your leads with the thoughts and opinions of other people who are trying to solve the same problem as them. 

Zembula’s ratings and review block makes it easy for you to add ratings and reviews to your email campaigns. The ratings and review block integrates with your customer data so you can send them personalized ratings and reviews to make sure they receive what’s relevant to them. This functionality gives you the confidence your leads get the most recent and relevant information. Over time, that will help strengthen your relationship. 

Copy-Paste Integration and Familiar Workflow

Integrating Zembula’s features into your Concep email campaigns is fast and easy. Copy-paste a few lines of code into your email, and you’ll have access to all the content blocks. 

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

The workflow was designed to feel familiar and intuitive for anyone who has been building email for any extent of time. It’s based on a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop functionality. This makes using Zembula second nature, so you don’t have to waste any time figuring out how it works and focusing on finding new ways of growing your relationships with your leads. 

If you’re ready to see how Zembula can help you build and maintain your relationships with your leads until they are prepared to become clients, click here to schedule a call with one of our email experts. 

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