Grow Your Business: Why Retailers Should Focus On Email Personalization

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You’re in business to make money.

That’s simple enough. It’s just as simple to assume that you’d like to do more business and make more money.

What might not be as obvious is that one of the biggest keys to achieving that growth is email personalization.

It all comes down to customer engagement. An engaged customer is more likely to be a loyal customer. An engaged customer is more likely to be a repeat customer. An engaged customer is more likely to spend more.

Email provides a huge opportunity to achieve that critical engagement.

But there’s email. And then there’s deeply personalized email.

It’s the latter that gets results, grows your business, and increases your profits.

By the Numbers: The Stats to Back Up Email Personalization’s Importance

Still not sure email personalization is important to your business? Maybe a few stats will change your mind.

Did you know that:

  • 70% of millennials feel frustrated with brands that send irrelevant emails.
  • 36% of shoppers report that they want better personalization.
  • 72% of consumers say they will only engage with personalized outreach.
  • 70% of consumers say a company’s understanding of their wants and needs increases their loyalty.
  • 63% of consumers report that they will stop buying from a company that uses poor personalization tactics.
  • 73% of consumers say that a business has never communicated with them in a way that felt too personal.

Clearly, consumers want personalization. It’s no surprise. Who would want to be treated like a number when they could instead be treated like an individual?

So, are you giving your customers the personalized emails that are going to drive their buying decisions?

How Zembula Makes Deep Email Personalization Easy

The real beauty of Zembula is that it allows you to use your data in the way you want. You have full control over the information you worked so hard to collect. 

Use multiple data sources in the same personalized content block, or what Zembula calls Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™. It’s an easy way to hyper-personalize your email with 1:1 animations made from your own data.

That means that you can draw from sources like loyalty information, product catalog, ratings and reviews, customer location, customer name, purchase history, and more to create content that is super specific to each individual customer.

Smart Block

Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine can organize and optimize your content displays to achieve maximum return on investment. You’ll be able to use your data to segment and enrich your content.

Zembula’s solution allows you to layer endless data sources into the same image. And it’s priced for scale as a utility, so you can use it in all your emails.

All you have to do is drag and drop your data into place with Zembula’s editor. It’s incredibly simple.

Package Tracking Vertical

Show your customers that you really, truly know who they are, what they like, what they need, and how special they are to you. Show them how hard you’re willing to work for their business. The way to do it is through email personalization.

Schedule a Zembula demo to learn how easy it is to start personalizing your emails.

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