Go Beyond Email Automation on Campaigner and Build Meaningful Engagement With Ratings and Reviews

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Email automation was an innovation that made it possible for marketers to create more meaningful relationships with email subscribers. That’s because automation lets your audience know that you’re paying attention to what they are doing. From a psychological perspective, it’s similar to when a store clerk notices your interest in an item and gives you matching options to what you’re looking for. 

Things start becoming interesting when you combine automation with personalization based on user data. When you combine both of these aspects, then you are essentially guiding the entire customer journey. Which, as you might expect, helps get better results from your campaigns. 

Campaigner is a multichannel marketing software that helps you build customer journeys through multiple channels like SMS, email, display ads, etc. 

Zembula expands the possibilities of what you can do with your campaigns to create emails that are more engaging and meaningful to your audience. One of the most effective tools Zembula gives you is the ratings and reviews content block.


Ratings and Reviews Are Just as Valuable as Recommendations From Friends and Family

We’ve all seen ratings and reviews on most websites. And we all know that they provide helpful information to your audience. What you might not have learned is that the reason why user-generated ratings and reviews are so effective is that buyers consider them as valuable as recommendations from friends and family.

This all boils down to the implicit trust that we have in the opinions and experiences of other people looking to solve the same problems as your customers. 

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Zembula’s ratings and reviews content block allow you to leverage this trust-building content and quickly and easily integrate it with your customer data so that you can add personalized ratings and reviews to your email campaigns. 

This personalized approach is much more effective than sharing a generic image. This way, you can be confident that your audience is receiving the most recent and relevant information to move them forward in their buyer journey. 

Copy-Past Integrations and Intuitive Workflow

The integration process for Zembula’s dynamic content blocks is as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code to your email. This means you won’t even have to call your IT department to start using all the additional features now at your disposal. 

From a user experience perspective, Zembula was designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use. It’s based on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface with drag and drop functionality. So building your emails will feel second nature to you. 

Click here to schedule a call with one of our email experts so that we can go over how Zembula’s ratings and reviews block can help you keep your subscribers engaged and ready to buy.

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