Give Your Omnichannel Campaigns on eSputnik a Boost With Ratings and Reviews

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Maintaining a high ROI on your marketing campaigns is a priority for every B2C marketer. The problem is for you to have a good ROI, you need to be able to get and maintain your customer’s attention. That’s why marketers are always looking for different approaches to improve visibility with their customers. One way marketers have helped solve this problem is by taking an omnichannel approach to their B2C marketing. 

eSputnik is a platform that helps marketers manage their omnichannel campaigns in a way that’s efficient and practical for small teams. One of its key features is its automation functionality for its email manager so all messaging can be tied in with its email performance.


Zembula offers eSputnik users the possibility to increase the impact of omnichannel by making a dramatic improvement in email visibility and engagement. 

Ratings and Reviews Are a Proven Way to Engage Your Customers

User-generated content can engage your customer unlike any other. Since other people create user-generated content just like your customers, it is automatically perceived as more trustworthy than a brand’s traditional marketing content.

One of the most effective and relied upon forms of user-generated content are ratings and reviews

Zembula lets you make the best use out of your brand’s user-generated content by making it simple to add personalized ratings and reviews to your email campaigns.

Our ratings and reviews content block integrates with your customer data and updates in real-time directly from your customer’s inbox. This functionality makes sure your customers always receive the most relevant information based on their behavior. 

Simple Integration Process and Intuitive Workflow

Adding all of Zembula’s tools is a simple process that can be done without the need to call your IT department. To integrate Zembula with your eSputnik email campaigns, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of provided lines of code to the body of your email. And that’s it. You can start building your emails.

Our email editor is based on a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drops functionality that will feel familiar to every email marketer. Our intuitive and straightforward interface fits right into your workflow. You won’t have to make any significant changes to how you design your campaigns. 

Click here to schedule a call with one of our email experts to learn about all the different ways Zembula can help improve the performance of your omnichannel campaigns. 

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