Fuel Your Retail Rocket Emails With Personalized Ratings and Reviews

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Don’t settle for passive messaging with your emails. If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to get active. You have to engage customers. You’ve got to make it simple for them to make a buying decision.

The quickest and most effective way to drive transactions is to include user-generated content. More specifically, it’s ratings and reviews that intrigue customers and get them in the buying mood. It’s that simple.

So why aren’t you giving this to your customers?

If you’re like most email marketers, the answer to that question is because including ratings and reviews is too big of a pain. Email service providers haven’t done enough to make it easy to include this important content consistently. There’s too much having to fuss with creating and testing HTML email templates. It’s too big of a time sink.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

But your troubles are over. Zembula has a solution. With the simplicity of drag-and-drop modular content blocks that are placed using a single snippet of code, you can include ratings and reviews and personalize that content. Now, you’re communicating with each user as an individual.

And if your business is using Retail Rocket to send emails, installing Zembula couldn’t be simpler.

Personalized Messaging With Ratings and Reviews – That’s a Strategy That Gets Results

If you can identify what each individual is interested in and provide social proof that the product they are considering is worth buying, well, it becomes so much easier to convert.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Think about it from your personal perspective as a consumer. If you are eyeing something, and then your inbox includes a fellow consumer’s positive take on that product, how much closer are you to actually making a purchase?

Stop sending information about products to people who aren’t interested in those products. Focus on sending what’s interesting to each person. Don’t treat them as if they are all the same.

Instead, give them exactly what they want and give them social proof so that they can confirm for themselves that they do in fact want it. Zembula makes it easy to do exactly that.

With Zembula, you’ll create personalized email images that contain your data. All by cutting and pasting just a single snippet of code. Once you do that, you don’t have to worry about the code at all.

You’ll be able to send whatever information is relevant to each individual. Beyond ratings and reviews, you can send personalized information about rewards points status, tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, and much more.

Get Started With Zembula Today

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Integrating Zembula with your current Retail Rocket approach is simple. In no time at all, you’ll be creating content blocks and all without having to create and test HTML templates.

The Zembula team will have your back throughout the entire integration process. 

Start including personalized messages through Zembula, and watch your transactions grow.

Schedule your free Zembula demo to learn more.

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