Expand Your Klaviyo Reach by Incorporating Ratings and Reviews Using Zembula

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Zembula’s got the antidote to the thing that’s commonly poisonous to most email marketers: Incorporating ratings and reviews.

You know how powerful ratings and reviews can be. You desperately want to harness that power more consistently. But you struggle to keep up.

And who can blame you? Email service providers (ESPs) have failed again and again to make this simple.

Guess what? No more having to create HTML templates. No more testing for each browser. Get back to doing what you do best: producing effective email messaging. 

With Zembula, you can easily – yes, easily – incorporate ratings and reviews. Not only that, but you can make them real time. And better still, Zembula lets you do all of this with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Are you using Klaviyo to produce your emails? Perfect. Integration with Zembula is fast and easy.

Maximize Your Impact With Moment of Open Emails

Think of how much more effective your emails could be if you could not only include the ratings and reviews that you know would drive transactions but if you could update them whenever you wanted.

We’ve all hit send only to realize we either forgot something important, misspelled something, accidentally included the wrong image with the wrong product – whatever the case. It happens. Using Zembula, you can fix your mistakes and add last-minute information (including that five-star review that just hit one of your social channels) even if you’ve already sent your email.

Whoever hadn’t yet opened that email would see only the updated version when they did. And even if they had already opened it, whenever they returned to that message, they’d get any updates.

Forget outdated, moment-of-send emails. You can be sending up-to-the-second, moment-of-open emails instead.

Using Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain live data. You cut and paste a single snippet of code – just one time – and after that, you don’t have to touch the code at all.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reveiews

Do you want to personalize your messaging? Of course you do! Zembula makes that super simple as well. Send that live data to the people for whom it’s relevant.

It’s not just ratings and reviews either. You can have that same moment-of-open power with any data that you’re collecting, including rewards points status, cart abandonment notifications, tracking information and more.

If You’re Using Klaviyo, You’re Closer Than You Think

Zembula is not an ESP but instead works with whatever you’re using, including Klaviyo. Integration is free and supported. You could add real-time ratings and reviews to your email marketing toolkit in no time.

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