Enterprise Companies Should Be Doing THIS In 2021

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The last quarter of every year is always a busy time for email marketers. First, you’ve got the holiday season to worry about; creating campaigns that drive traffic and conversions. 

Then, you also have to plan for your marketing strategies in the coming year. That means sorting through the data, exploring new trends, and coming up with ways to make your emails stand out moving forward. 

This year is no exception. However, you should be doing a few things in 2021 to make your emails pack a punch and wow your customers, especially if you’re an enterprise company. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Customers love real-time updates

Reach into your pocket and grab your phone. Open up virtually any app or website, and you can get the information you want right now, in real-time. 

One area that’s sometimes lagged with real-time updates is email. Traditionally, customers could get the most up-to-date information from moment-of-send emails. In theory, it’s great, but by the time your customer opens their email, the data could be out of date. 

Instead, consider how you can give your customers the most up-to-date information they crave with moment-of-open emails. These emails update every time your customer opens their email if it’s 5 minutes or five days after you send it. 

Think about how great this can be for tracking shipping in real-time. Instead of copying and pasting various tracking numbers to try to find their package, or worse, calling your customer service line for where is my order calls, they can know exactly where their package is in the process every time they open their email. 

Include live images

One big benefit of having your emails revolve around real-time information is you can include live images in them too. Live images also update at the moment-of-open.

You can use these to inform your customers about package tracking, let them know when inventory is running low on a particular product, showcase the latest reviews, and give them real-time updates on their loyalty rewards. 

Zembula Content flow

With live images, your emails are always dynamic. You don’t have to worry that once you click send, the information could already be out of date. And, even better, you can pair your live images with sales, VIP events, and product launches. It can help create motivation to buy or a sense of FOMO, depending on what you’re looking for because you can have a count down to a particular date.

Restaurant booking email mock up

Live images can tie to your customer’s location too. For example, if you’re hosting a special event for loyalty members, you can target your list based on the location you want them to shop. They can schedule an appointment directly from their email, and the available times will update as they get taken.

Personalize your emails

By now, you probably know how important it is to personalize your customer’s emails. Consumers crave information targeted to them, their needs, and their interests. 

With modular email and content blocks, you can personalize every email, so your customers get what they want every time they hit their inbox.

Zembula loyalty email mock up

For instance, if you’re running an elaborate loyalty campaign, set a content block that features your customer tier level or total points rewards. Then couple that information with targeted products or services they might want or spend their points on.

Using live images in content blocks or as a notification bar, you can always display the most up to date information your customer wants in every email, even if you’re sending them a monthly newsletter or a shipping update.

Look forward to 2021

Enterprise brands should approach 2021 with excitement; there are many opportunities for giving customers live real-time information in their emails. 

With email settled as one of the main ways brands can reach customers and drive conversions, you want to do everything you can to have your brand stand out to your customers.

Embracing live images and content blocks in your email is just one way to ensure you can give your customers what they want and build trust with them over the long-term. 

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