Educate Your Audience with Interactive Experiences

 In Digital Marketing, Interactive Content

Interactivity is all around us. Every time we swipe, tap, or scroll on our smartphones or tablets or computers, we’re participating in an interactive experience. But just what good is that to us marketers? Interactive experiences can be used for a variety of things, not just practical or entertainment purposes. Educating your audience on your brand or offerings is another way that interactivity can boost your marketing campaigns and ensure customers, both prospective and current, remember you instead of your competition.

Educate through sticky content

Trivia is a great way to introduce your audience to an aspect of your brand or product. It involves active participation and sticks with readers long after they’ve navigated away (hence the term: sticky content). Wrapping that content within a quiz format will get your audience clicking or tapping away. Or, incorporate it into a Tear-it for a truly interactive experience!

(Tear below to try it for yourself!)

Educate with product offerings

Showing off specific product offerings or specifications can be a great way to ensure your products stay top of mind for potential purchasers. A slideshow, video, or reveal are all great ways to use interactive experiences to demonstrate everything that your brand has to offer.

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Educate with offers for content

Do you have an awesome blog? A killer white paper? Great downloadable content that isn’t getting seen? Interactive experiences can be a great way to introduce all of your content offerings. Embed an experience on your homepage that leads to your latest content or to your blog, or break your latest ebook down into an interactive infographic.

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If you really want to differentiate yourself from your competition, using interactive experiences is the way to do it. Giving your audience new and interesting ways to discover information on your brand gives you an edge over everyone else in your industry and makes it easier for potential customers to recall your brand when it comes to their purchasing decision. It’s a win-win!


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